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Old 02-20-2010, 11:19 PM
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Re: Favorite cabs thread

If you are using HTC EZ Input 2.1, this guy S.V.I. over at XDA optimized the images to reduce lag. No joke, the improvement is significant.

It is a must have for people who type on the on screen keyboard.

Check out his thread:
Attached Files
File Type: cab S.V.I%20KEYSKIN.cab (683.9 KB, 444 views) Click for barcode!
Some requests I have filled: Click Here
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Old 02-21-2010, 11:28 AM
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Re: Favorite cabs thread

no calls - set 3 different blocks for unwanted calls. I LOVE THIS APP. just a BETA but works REALLY well.
wallpapers - a bunch of tp2 compatible wallpapers (all SFW)
Attached Files
File Type: cab NoCalls.cab (50.1 KB, 935 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Wallpapers.cab (1.82 MB, 1091 views) Click for barcode!
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Old 02-21-2010, 12:28 PM
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Here are few of my favorites. Enable all camera modes gives you video camera on 6.1 tp2, fingerkey is another keyboard, Qik is an online vidoeo upload from your tp2, and one I could not find is Glympse. Glympse sends a text or email from you phone giving your location for a set period of time. I use it to send to my wife when I am traveling.

Found the Glympse cab.
Cool gps application.
I like that you can limit the time and who has access to you gps info.
Attached Files
File Type: cab Enable_All_Camera_Modes.cab (2.5 KB, 722 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab FingerKeyb-2.1-WVGA.cab (909.8 KB, 285 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Qik_ppc_4.21.CAB (2.09 MB, 293 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Glympse_PocketPC-WM6.cab (632.8 KB, 392 views) Click for barcode!

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Old 02-21-2010, 04:27 PM
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Re: Favorite cabs thread

I know that I may be adding to the clutter but can I suggest that we keep the "thanks" out of new posts and keep on the topic of posting cabs. I can see this very helpful thread getting very big and very tough to navigate. Just my 2 cents.

I didn't see the Rhodium Keyboard Controller listed yet. This awesome app lets you assign an endless number of function to all of your hard keys.

You can find it at XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=554240
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Old 02-21-2010, 05:18 PM
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Heres a bunch of my favs all zipped up for you:

Set #1:
-BootPackage 1.2 (adds a cool bootup animation and sound of an htc computer booting up with system checks)
-DIVX Player (for those DIVX files you have trouble playing)
-HD Wobble (To make your friends body parts wobble in a picture)
-Kinoma FreePlay (Great for streaming Shoutcast stations and much more)
-Windows 7 bootup animation
-Windows 7 bootup sound
-Microsoft facebook
-Mobile Monger+Throttle Storage (wheres your memory going? Find out!!
-Dusk Shutdown (a nice full screen shutdown app to replace your power button.
-Web Video Downloader 1.7 (view or download from Youtube and other ADULT video sites.
-WVD VGA files (make your WVD GUI more finger friendly!!

SET 2:

-Air horn (Turn your phone into an airhorn)
-App to date (Keeps your apps up to date)
-BlockBuster App (View And stream your Blockbuster online movies)
-Bluff My Call (Allows you to change your caller ID to whatever number you want. Also gives you the option to go directly to someones voicemail) Thread here: http://www.forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=95729
-Skins for Coreplayer
-Gclippers (Turn your phone into Hair clippers. Vibrates and uses Gsensor To simulate Clippers cutting)
-Htc Sliding sounds (Gives you the option to change your keyboard sliding sounds)
-Light blue clouds for sense 2.5 (Gives your white weather clouds a nice blue tint)
-Magic 8 ball ( Turns your phone into a magic 8 ball to see your future)
-Neo reaer (download cabs using your camera)
-Inbox extender (gives you the option to mark all as read in your email)
-Net speed boost (Boosts your internet speed X2!)
-A quick thanks always helps!

Xtrakt motorcycle game download: http://www.mediafire.com/?wjrji1yxd3l

From my thread here:

I have had many people looking for various Sprint Carrier .cab files.

So I thought it might help people out if I zipped up the main Sprint .cabs into one file to store in your memory card.

This file includes the following:

-Dcd Sprint Carrier .cab (sets up Sprint Connections) Updated 7/4/09

-GPS lag Hotfix

-Sprint I.O.T.A cab (adds Internet over the air option to
start/settings/personal/phone/services/internet menu)

-OzIM_Raphael_Sprint .cab (messaging)

-Sprint Picture Mail .cab

-Sms 160 (allows 160 Characters)

-Sprint Arcsoft MMS-

-Sprint Navigation VGA-v 2.1.23

-Sprint TV VGA

-Sprint Update Profile and PRL (adds options to settings menu for generic roms)

- all i ask is for a thanks!!

A great source of good free games:


Here is a list of good ones I found over at XDA:


DEV OFF - Development Discontinued
DEV WIP - Development Work In Progress
DEV SUS - Development Suspended
DEV REL - Official Development Release

DEV REL [F] Adobe Flash Player V7.0 - Flash player for Windows Mobile.
DEV WIP [F] AMeBa V0.7.1 Beta - This programs makes Windows Taskbar 6.5.X actually close programs and minimize when you tap or hold and tap.
DEV WIP [F] AMeBa Settings V0.2 - Settings program for AMeBa (Must Have AMeBa Installed)
DEV SUS [F] AppToDate V2.080625 - A program link Windows Live Update but updates multiple free and pay for programs directly from your phone.
DEV REL [$] Artel Plus Mobile Macros V1.2 - Allows you to make any macros on your phone to do anything and way better than VITO Macro Recorder.
DEV REL [$] AtekSoft WebCamera Plus V2.1.1 - Use your phone as a wireless webcam and even use it to show of you using your phone over wireless.
DEV WIP [F] BeejiveIM V0.9.4.2 Beta - All purpose Instant Messaging program for all mediums.
DEV REL [$] CorePlayer V1.3.6 - Great player for streaming and watching YouTube, Videos, TV, & More.
DEV REL [$] Crayon Physics V5.3 - A great game to play with your hands or your stylus just like your using a crayon to save the ball.
DEV WIP [F] File Explorer Extension V2.06 - Make the most of your file explorer with these view options.
DEV SUS [D] FingerSuite V1.12 RC8 - Make all your system messages finger friendly.
DEV SUS [F] Flash V3.1 - A lite cabinet for Flash documents.
DEV WIP [D] Flix V1.0.9.7 - Find out whats playing and at what theater tonight or any night of the week.
DEV REL [F] Google Gears V0.55.33.0 - Required to use many Google products on your phone.
DEV REL [F] Google Maps V4.1.1 - A great GPS program as well as directions program for you to learn more about addresses and streetviews of streets and businesses.
DEV REL [$] GRemote Pro V1.3.3 - Control your computer over Wifi or Bluetooth while you chill on your couch.
DEV SUS [D] Gyrator V2.0 - Get the most of your G-Sensor and just turn your device to turn your screen.
DEV SUS [D] HTC FM Radio V1.0 - Use the FM Radio on your Touch Pro 2.
DEV WIP [D] IMDb Mobile V0.5 Beta - Catch up on all the movies and TV shows ever made as well as to be made with this handy app.
DEV REL [$] JETCET Print V5.2.1059 - Print right from your device to your printer.
DEV REL [F] Microsoft Facebook V1.2 - Facebook for your Windows Mobile phone.
DEV REL [F] Microsoft Marketplace V1.0 - The app store for Microsoft with some great free stuff and hundreds of awesome apps.
DEV REL [F] Microsoft MyPhone V1.5.21.28 - Sync your phone text messages, pictures, E-Mails and much much more every night while you sleep so you can get them back anytime you reset.
DEV REL [F] Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 RC2 Mobile - Stay in communication with the office with this mobile version of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.
DEV REL [D] Mortiscript V4.2 - Used to create and run some great programs as well as scripts.
DEV SUS [D] Moski FacebookIM V2.3.5.2 - Chat with your Facebook friends anytime you want.
DEV WIP [F] myPlayer V1.100 - Watch episodes of your favorite shows from BBC, Hulu, and much much more.
DEV WIP [F] Opera Mobile V10 Beta 3 - A beautiful browser with speed and finger friendly support.
DEV REL [F] PocketRAR V3.92 - Great for zip, rar, 7zip, and other compressed libraries and files.
DEV SUS [D] PPC PimBackup V2.8 - Backup your contacts, E-Mail, messages, and more to a file to be restored later.
DEV SUS [F] Radar Watch V2.3 - Watch the radar of the weather headed your way at any time.
DEV SUS [D] Registry Editor V0.9 - Small and easy registry editor.
DEV WIP [D] S2U2 V2.30 - Lock your device so you don't make pocket calls but still get all the information you need.
DEV REL [F] Skyfire V1.5 - An awesome browser with zoom, flash, AJAX, and Java support.
DEV REL [F] Skype V3.0 - Make internet calls and chats over your 3G network without wasting your minutes.
DEV SUS [F] Slide 2 Shutdown V1.1 - Easy program to restart, shutdown, or just put your device to sleep.
DEV REL [$] SOTI Pocket Controller V6.02 - Control your phone from your desk when your plugged in or over wirelessly.
DEV SUS [F] TinyCam V0.9.1 - Use your phone as a wireless security or spy camera from where ever you are.
DEV SUS [F] Tippy V1.1 - A quick and easy tip calculator.
DEV SUS [D] TouchWatch V2.3 - Its a stopwatch, no a countdown counter, no a lap counter. Its EVERYTHING.
DEV REL [$] uCONVERT V2.2.0 - A great conversion tool for any kind of measurement.
DEV SUS [F] Vexed - An awesome game with hundreds of levels to test your mind and skill.
DEV REL [$] VITO Technology Voice2Go V1.52 - Control your hand held without hitting buttons.
DEV SUS [F] Wifi Monster V1.0.52.149 - View and join the wireless networks in your area and see all the details in between.
DEV REL [$] WMWifiRouter V1.60 - Use your device as a wireless router, a internet tether, through Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, and more.
DEV WIP [F] X_Silver Minesweeper V1.5.1 - The new Minesweeper for your phone.

Originally Posted by kasha278 View Post
any one know how i can play family guy episodes on my tp2
Family Guy:

Originally Posted by kasha278 View Post
any one have the coreplayer cab?
DEV REL [$] CorePlayer V1.3.6 - Great player for streaming and watching YouTube, Videos, TV, & More.

Originally Posted by 2kidz View Post
Does anybody have an app/cab for pedometer or walking calorie counter??? Please...i need this like yesterday while i'm motivated!
Your wish is my command.....

Originally Posted by gwater View Post
twitter cab. anyone?
Looking for a Twitter app? Here are some.

Summary: If anybody is looking for my opinion on the best Twitter based on various attributes, here it is:
Best Appearance - moTweets
Best Speed - TouchTwit
Best Lightweight - Twobile
Best Compromise - Twikini

As for me, I prefer just using the HTC Twitter in TF3D, but when using a ROM without Sense 2.5, I do prefer MoTweets. For everyone else who don't want any of the ones I mentioned, read on, and I hope you find what you're looking for.

1) moTweets - This is probably one of the best WinMo Twitter apps around. The visuals is great (probably the best looking Twitter app I've seen) and the usability is fantastic. Doing anything simply requires you to double tap on a tweet (or tap an icon to tweet yourself). Unfortunately, the disadvantage to moTweet is that there is a noticeable bit of lag, but nothing bad. The free version of the app also comes with ads.

2) PockeTwit - This is a fairly good app. The appearance is a bit unappealing, but the speed appears to be good. I do not like the usability very much, though. In order to do things like favorite, reply, or just tweet, you have to drag the screen to the left or to the right, which can be a bit troublesome. The program does come with a QuickPost icon, but it would have been better if it was integrated into the app itself, in my opinion.

3) Tiny Twitter - Based on the name alone, one might surmise that the program was designed as a lightweight app. Something for speed and simplicity. At least, that was what I had presumed.

Well, the app certainly is simple. There are no visual frills and tweets are listed in small boxes allowing for many, many tweets to be displayed on the screen at a time. All commands are set in the 'Menu' button and there doesn't appear to be a context menu or double tap menu. On the other hand, Tiny Twitter just isn't very fast. Drag-scrolling has noticeable lag and trying to do a long drag-scroll makes it even more obvious. It isn't so slow as to be a deal breaker, though, so if simplicity is necessary for you, then Tiny Twitter isn't a bad deal.

P.S. On quirk I noticed about Tiny Twitter. When it had updated with new tweets, my phone had a small sound go off (not very distinctive), and my phone began vibrating like crazy with nothing to indicate why. For a moment, I had thought it was about to brick itself for some reason.

Then the vibrating stopped and a message popped up saying I had new tweets.

4) TouchTwit - A very slick looking Twitter app and very speedy. I do mean very speedy too as going through tweets or moving from screen to screen was just lightning fast. Performing commands requires you to drag the screen to the right, but doing it here is easy and quick, so I don't mind too much.

5) Twikini - Twikini is not the best looking nor does it have the best usability. Sad to say, it doesn't have the best speed either. However, I can compliment it as probably the best compromise between all three. It is fairly fast, the visuals works well, and the usability is pretty nice. Tweeting is as simple as hitting the 'Tweet' button, replying is done by tapping on a tweet then hitting 'Reply'. Every other available command can be done through the 'Menu' button.

Only disadvantage to this is that it costs $4.95.

6) Twaddle - This is a very awkward app.

Unlike the other Twitter apps on the list, signing in to Twitter requires you to launch a web browser to enter your Twitter account info in order to grant access to Twaddle, and get a pin which you must then input into Twaddle in order to complete authorization.

This awkwardness continues into the program. For example, to drag the screen down to look at more replies, you have to drag the screen, and then let go before the app will actually move. Alternative, you can use the scroll bar to move, but it's not very finger friendly. Furthermore, commands are split between the 'Menu' button, and holding down on a tweet until the context menu pops up, but curiously, there appears to be no obvious way to favorite. Even more strangely, double tapping on a tweet causes the programs to slowly scroll up.

The appearance is fairly nice and the speed is good, but personally, I feel that the app is just too awkward.

7) Quakk - In all honesty, I can not recommend this Twitter app.

The appearance is poor (with oversized tweets) and there appears to be a distinct lack of commands. In fact, the only commands I could find at all was Reply, Direct Message, Open Link, and Tweet. Furthermore, the app seems to be very buggy.

Hitting the 'Update' button occasionally causes the app to crash and trying to Tweet/Reply will result in this small window (that overlaps text; this may be a result of my Fuze's resolution, but I found nothing about system requirements on Quakk's website). Fortunately, the 'Direct Msg' command doesn't seem to have the same problem. Unfortunately, that's because the 'Direct Msg' command doesn't seem to work at all.

Overall, I would rate Quakk very poorly at the moment, but it is listed as an 'open source' app, so it may get better later on.

Twitula - Twitula is an app with nice visuals (including interesting transition effects) and it seems to be feature-rich. Performing commands on a tweet is as simple as tapping on the Tweeter's profile pic while there is also a 'Tweet' and 'Menu' button for other necessary commands.

The only issue I noticed with this is speed. Drag-scrolling is very slow and you notice lag in other parts of the app too. Furthermore, the app seems to open all links in PIE despite me having Opera Mobile as my default.

9) mTweets - One of the more simple Twitter apps on the list. In fact, it seem to match Tiny Twitter in simplicity, and the speed is certain better.

Furthermore, it has one of the most unique interfaces of any Twitter app I tried. Tapping on a tweet doesn't highlight it or bring up a context menu, but it displays a new window showing a series of icons which indicates commands, such as reply or direct msg. The tweets are also contained in small windows that looks almost like frames, which is a bit disorientating.

However, the app is missing some common commands (favorite, for example), and it appears to have stability issues. Frequently, I would find that it would take indefinitely when I try to update or switch to another view, and just updating it would take a very long time. Lastly, scrolling in this app is not easy. You can't drag-scroll and scrolling by scrollbar doesn't move the screen until you let go, which is annoying.

10) Twobile - Another 'simplicity app'.

Twobile has an interface similar to that of Tiny Twitter. Tweets are presented in a 'Excel' manner with the left side naming the Tweeter and the right side containing their status; all of this comes in small lines allowing for many tweets to be displayed.

Unlike Tiny Twitter, the speed of Twobile is much, much better, and it comes with a bit more functionality. In Twobile, you can double tap on a tweet, and it'll bring up a screen containing more information about the tweet, and allow you to perform various commands (including, interestingly enough, a 'Translate' command). This detailed screen also allows you to switch to a newer or older tweet, albeit the transition effect is a bit ugly.

The program also has a context menu containing common commands and an 'Action' button listing all of the available commands. Switching between views (public, friends, etc) is also as simple hitting one of the visible tabs at the bottom.

Originally Posted by kasha278 View Post
how do you fellow geeks get the weather and other apps on front screen?

For Sense 2.5!

Animated weather on home page:

For more info on 2.1 -2.5 weather go here: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=93906

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
how about just the regular youtube app for those of us who cooked a clean ROM with no youtube? (the htc one)? I can't find the cab anywhere!

Install Youtube QVGA cab file.
Overwrite the files in the \Windows\ folder with the ones in the Youtuvbe VGA zip file

Many of your inquiries can be easily found by using my custom search engine!!

Click here:
Hypnotic2010 Custom PPCGEEKS and XDA Developers search tool

Originally Posted by Overproof View Post
How does Bluff my call work? I installed it and don't see any program icon or any new call options.
The app does not install a shortcut in your programs folder. You will need to open the exe in your program files folder. You can copy the exe to your windows/start menu/programs to add the shortcut manually. To use the program remember to first go to the settings in the app and set your phone #.

Thread here:http://www.forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=95729

Originally Posted by kasha278 View Post
any good workable dialers out there for the tp2?
-= CMYLXGO's TouchPro2 Black Rhodium Dialer Skin =-

-= Copy .cab file to phone and install. Make sure you soft rest when done.

CMYLXGO's Tachi EnergyROM Blue w/ Black & White Dialers

CMYLXGO's PURE EnergyROM Tachi Dialer
This is the beta version. Final Versions have been posted to the link below

-= Thanks to MikeKnoop and all others that made this port possible =-

Attached Files Tachi_Phone_Canvas_Knop_v2d-EnergyROM.Blue.with.Black.Canvas.cab (2.22 MB, 1803 views) Tachi_Phone_Canvas_Knop_v2d-EnergyROM.Blue.with.White.Canvas.cab (2.15 MB, 1167 views) CMYLXGOs.PURE.EnergyROM.Tachi.Phone.Canvas.Knop.v2 d.cab (3.64 MB, 659 views)

I have been looking for a working Sirius/Xm satellite radio player that works and I ran across this great one called SXRadio2. It also displays cover art.
This app is free, of course you will need a subscription to XM or Sirius satellite radio.
Very nice app!!

SXRadio2 is a free subscription content player that currently supports both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio and includes all channels (Yes, even H100 and H101) available on the Sirius and XM Online subscriber sites.

- FREE no limits, fully functional
- Supports Sirius Subscription And Guest Accounts
- Supports XM Subscription And Guest Accounts
- What's Playing (w/ mode selection)
- Album Art
- Lyrics
- Twitter Integration
- Presets
- Standard and High Quality Streams (Defaults to standard)

Originally Posted by dnahughes View Post
wow this thread started off great now its become a chat room come on guys lets cab it up instead of blab it up thank u !
Calling all cabs..............

Climber_7-in-a-row.cab, DomSim_Enable_Zoom_Wheel.cab, Opera_Browser_9_70_35443.cab, Opera_Browser_9_7_35432.cab, Opera_Browser_9_5_17518.cab, CHeroClock_v0.1.cab, accuweathercodes.zip, US_accuweather_codes.txt, SH4YsRaphaelNetSpeedBoost.cab, AL_CommManager_Suite.cab, GoogleMaps_3.2.1_num17.cab, waze_alpha1.2.4.cab, GoogleMaps_v3.2.1.cab, ttn7bot.exe, gVo.cab, iDialer.cab, OneDialSetupv14b1.cab, fennec-1.0a3pre.cab, iToilet.cab, WakeItUp_arm.cab, myChannels.opml, nitrogen-1.1-wm5.cab, SpeeedReader_082.cab, ViigoPublicBeta.cab, throttleexplorer_0.2.cab, BBConnect_WM6_4.0.0.106.cab, navit-0.1.1.cab, FuzeMobilityNoEnvelope.cab, FuzeMobilityYesEnvelope.cab, HTC_YouTube_TEST4_2_5_19151528_00_C.cab, HTCAlbum_3_0_19141129_0_VGA.cab, SpriteBackup_HTC_6.2.1.2269.exe, GoogleMaps_3.2.0_layers.cab, MSVC_1.6.21040.cab, wmtrnt.cab, CVSD_Patch.cab, MenuStart3Columns.cab, MenuStart4Columns.cab, MenuStart5Columns.cab, S2U2-2.04-VGA_plus_clocks.zip, netcaller-v5.cab, TomTom_Audio_Fix_v1.11.cab, wmftp.exe, Toggle_Bluetooth_v1.0.cab, iAgenda_04.cab, MobileFTPClient_1.1.6.1_Setup.cab, WM6.5ChomeV3_uninstallable.cab, Taskanium.05.zip, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_v1.1.2.cab, TitaniumWeather.mscr, galarm_talkingclock_english-female.cab, Alpha.cab, Opera_9.5_build_16983.cab, drunkdialer.msi, Dog_Whistle_v1.3.cab, Opera_9.5.16702.cab, hComber_v0.1.cab, Titanizer7.02.cab, galarm_2.1.2.cab, S2U2-2.02-VGA.zip, reSTART.cab, nitrogen-1.0.0.cab, DaveShaw_TimeSync_v06.cab, operabrowser_wm_97b1.cab, operawidgetman_wm_97b1.cab, rp_app_titanium_CAnalogClock_wvga_vga_qvga_wqvga_0 .6.3b.cab, rp_titanium_CAnalogClock_vga_0.6.2b.cab rp_titanium_CAnalogClock_vga_0.6.1b.cab, Skyfire_v1.0.0.11783.cab, l3v5yCoinTossv0.2plusextrasandcoinsbybbonzz052909.zip, HTC_GPS_Tool_1.2.2.11.cab, iContact.cab, MortScript-4.3b2-PPC.cab, JMLStocks.rar, defragment_wm6.cab, GpsCycleComputer_3.107.cab, mnemonika.exe, Opera_9.5_16643_VGA_Rhodium.cab, T-Back_Opera_Zoom_Slider.cab, htcAddicts_cleanRAM_v1.3.6.zip, RSS_HUBv2.1.1b107.cab, CyberonVoiceCommander_v2.5.1b806192.cab, CyberonVSD_v1.2b80731.cab, rp_CAnalogClock_b0.5.2b.cab, rp_CAnalogClock_b0.5.2b_black.cab, SpbMobileShell3.0.1rc1b6501.cab, SensorScroll-0_7_1.cab, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_v1.1.1.cab, galarm_2.0.6.cab, SMSpam_0_2.cab, 5x5.exe, 6.5ChomeCOLOR.cab, sdkcerts.cab, htcAddicts_cleanRAM_v1.3.1.zip, WkTaskL_1202.cab, XDA_PIE_For_WM6.1.cab, rp_titanium_CAnalogClock_0.5.2b.cab, Titanizer7.01.cab, m.carroll_PureBlack2_VGA.cab, fp7_ppc_en.cab, Battery.exe, Titanizer6.5.cab, CVolume_default_WM6.5.cab, CVolume_for_WM7_Titanium_Project.cab, CTwitter_Titanium_Plugin.cab, Showaco_TitaniumWeather_v4.2.cab, SMSpam_0_1.cab, Titanium_Notification.cab, CFacebook_Titanium_Plugin_V0.5.cab, C-ApiSRO_Setup.cab, netcaller-v4.cab, aDEO-PingBox2.cab, SMS_Tweaker_v1.5.cab, Facebook_v1.0.0.7.cab, SpbMobileShell3.0.1beta1build6456.cab, Magic8Ball_1.5.cab, Opera_16277.cab, GetSportz.cab, facebook016.cab, GoogleMaps_3.0.1.6.cab, btspammer.cab, SendReceiveAll.exe, MissedCallReminder_1.3.cab, FuzzyBillSplitter.exe, HTC_Tachi_Notification_Enhancments.cab, Raph_1_12_25_19_rilphone.cab, SensorScroll-0_6.cab, GParkSInstaller.cab, HTC_Tachi_Menu_Enhancment.cab, SpbMobileShell_b3.cab, WallpaperPack1.zip, WallpaperPack2.zip, WallpaperPack3.zip, TouchPro_MegaArcadePack_v2.1.cab, Opera9_16070_ATT.cab, Opera9_16070_UK.cab, netcaller-v3.cab, WaterlevelInstaller.cab, ICSControl.exe, EasyShares_v2.1.0.cab, CinemoSetup.cab, GoogleMaps_Latitude_3.0.1.4.cab, CustomScroll_1.1.cab, Topaz_Comm_Manager.cab, Opera9_15954_FRA_VGA.cab, Opera9_15954_WWE_VGA.cab, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_v1.0.19.cab, LumosSetupV10RC2.cab, xbmod_Update_1D.cab, COMPLETE_MANILA_PACKAGE_v1d.rar, WirelessNotifyOff.cab, HTC_Rhodium_Album.cab, xrakt.cab, HTC_Diamond_MP3_Trimmer_VGA.cab, S2U2-1.62-VGA.zip, parlingo.cab, S2P0-58-VGA.zip, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_v1.0.16.cab, GClippersSetup.cab, xbmod_TMOBILE_SKIN.cab, At0mAng_ATT_aGPS_Fix.cab, RILPhoneUpdate_1_12_25_19.cab, StaplesEasyButton.cab, opera_v9.5beta2_gears.cab, Skype_beta3.cab, BeCoolThisIsARobbery.wav, ODB_Like_It_Raw.wav, downbytheriver_intro.wav, voodoo_short.wav, voodoo_long.wav, CindyLauperTrueColors_gay.wav, decent_tones_from_topaz_pack.zip, COMPLETE_MANILA_PACKAGE_V1c.rar, xbox_Manila_fix_V1C.cab, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_1.0.14.cab, galarm_1.5.1.cab, fart_machine.cab, Touch_Incall_Screen_Tweak_v1.1.3.cab, COMPLETE_MANILA_PACKAGE.rar, KforTouchPro_v1.0.0.3.cab, disable-xt9.cab, FdcSoft_TaskMgr_3.1.cab, netcallerid.cab, KorandTopazProgramsIcons.cab, LocateCaller2r2.cab, SensorScroll-0_5.cab, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_v1.0.8.cab, touchtris.cab, bubbles.cab, LumosSetupV10RC1.cab, fexploreext.cab, w0lfTranslator.cab, Diamond2_G-Sensor_and_app_regs.cab, FdcSoft_TaskMgr.cab, FacebookIM.Mosko.Mobi.cab, Facebook-Ather_wm6.5.cab, Bsb_G-Config.cab, footprint_vga_tomtomsupport.cab, HTC_Calculator.cab, HTC_Album_TP2.cab, Opera_15613_vga.cab, RAPH_Radio_1.12.25.19.zip, ResetUnreadCount.cab, Opera9_15954_WWE_VGA.cab, LocateCaller2r1.cab, S2U2-1.50d-VGA.zip, S2U2ClockPack-VGA.zip, black_vga.png, Giangishanghaienvelope.cab, nitrogen-0.3.2-wm6.cab, HTC_Album_2.5.cab, HTC_Album_3.0.cab, Crank.mp3, crank_3secvibedelay.mp3, VGA_wallpaper_pack.rar, rar.cab, Landscape_Final_CFC.cab, Landscape_Final.cab, HD_Transparant_Envelope.cab, LocateCaller2b4.cab, FacebookIM1.14b.Mosko.Mobi.cab, XDA_HTC_Calculator_V2.cab, BBConnect_WM6_Professional_v4.cab, Opera 9.50_15613_WWE_DEVICE_VGA.cab, Opera 9.50_15613_PROXY_WWE_DEVICE_VGA.cab, MicrosoftRecite.cab, GoogleMaps_Latitude_3.0.0.12.cab, LocateCaller2b1.cab, PocketSpeedTest.exe, ShowDateAndClock.cab, DecreaseRingDelay.cab, S2U2-1.45-VGA.zip, Skyfire-, leofs_cmp_DIAMOND.cab, leofs_pc.exe, XBmod_HD_Manila_1.8.5_CFC.cab, BlackFlipClock_CFC.cab, DTMF_1.wav, DTMF_2.wav, kill_deer.wav, XP_email.wav, 24_short.wav, 24_vibe_delay.wav, galarm_1.4.6.cab, StartTomTom.cab, Raphael_Radio_52.58.25.30_1.11.25.01_Ship.rar, GoogleMaps_3.0.0.2_with_StreetView_and_Latitude.cab, RaphHighResPanorama-RegistryChanger.cab, ROMeOS_NOSLIDE_n_NOCURTAIN.cab, LocateCaller-0.9.1.cab, TouchResponse_v0_3_2.cab, fakemail.cab, ZM_Dialer.exe, wFaceBookVGABeta3.zip, Opera_9.5.15529_VGA.cab, HTCHome.cab, HHCv10Final.cab, BatteryStatus.cab, HDManilaProjb.01.zip, HTCWeatherMasterInstaller.cab, sonar_BB_normal.mp3, sonar_BB_louder.wav, sonar_BB_louder_delay.wav, GPS_Speedo.exe, S2U2_V1.42_Touch_Pro_Edition_Black_Clock_VGA.cab, Fabliv_HTC_Diamond_Action_Screen_VGA_v2_EN.cab, Skype_beta2.5.cab, abcTaskMan-1.4.cab, PocketNester.exe, InCallRecording.cab, activesync.msi, DiamondAlerts.zip, DiamondRingtones1.zip, DiamondRingtones2.zip, Preloaded_BB_Ringtones.zip, Notem1.21.zip, Nitrogen-0.2.1-vga.cab, OperaMini4.2.11137plusJBED.cab, VGA_Esmertec_Jbed.cab, S2U2-1.40-VGA.cab, BeyondPod3_1_0.cab, iris-browser-1.0.16.cab, FreqTune15.exe, LumosSetupV09b.cab, RRE_BlackCommMgr.cab, vxUtil.hpcPro_arm.cab, nbtstatce.exe, ovpnppc.en.cab, Cain_setup.exe, WiFiFoFum.cab, zsIRC.cab, hsniffer2.04.cab, btCrawler-v1.1.0-beta.cab, VAlert_1.21.cab, DaveShaw_TimeSyncTZ_0-04.cab, DaveShaw_TimeSyncTZ_0-02.cab, LumosSetupV09.cab, Remove-Htc-Volume-by-Hallengreen.cab, AppToDate.cab, DiamondHologram_v2.02.cab, Add_3G_to_Comm_Manager.cab, Skyfire_8184.cab, RR_Keyboard_Speed_Increase.cab, PsiDOC_Wifi_all.cab, ATT_Settings.cab, Google Maps v2.3.0.9 with Street View.cab, Audio Boost Full/Light/Original.cabs, StarPlayr.cab, nullkb.ARM4.cab, Raph radios, and, Google_Maps_v2.3.2.jar, MS_VoiceCommand_v1.6.cab, Keypad_Vibrate.cab, BubbleBreaker.cab, GoogleMaps_2.2.0.19.cab, galarm_0.9.7.2.cab, Slick_PPC.cab, AgileMessengerWMPPC-85.cab, implus_5_42_ppc.cab, youtubeplay.cab, StockSPL_ForWarranty.zip and AT&T_stock_rom.exe.

All courtesy of blownfuze.org: http://blownfuze.org/index.php#list

pRSSreader-1.3.1-en.VGA.cab and myChannels.opml
pRSSreader-1.4.3.cab (universal res)

Please use these cabs at your own risk, I can not possibly describe each one.

Is that good for you, you want more??......LOL/

All courtesy of blownfuze.com http://blownfuze.org/index.php#list

Originally Posted by Mofo2713 View Post
Sorry for the double post, I spent the last 45 minutes searching every page of this forum for a decent battery icon but found nothing. I just want something simple like the little green battery icon with the % left remaining in 1% increments. Someone please help!!
Originally Posted by Mofo2713 View Post
Can someone help. I see that a bunch of you have them on your phones when u post screenshots.
Originally Posted by Mofo2713 View Post
Still waiting for a decent battery cab please. Just need a basic one that has a little battery gauge with 1% increments. I see them out there on everyone's screen shots but appears everyone is too afraid to post what they got. Someone please post.
I have tested these 1% battery guages and they work great on my TP2 stock 6.5.

CMYLXGO's 1% Battery Taskbar Icons Only

All White Battery

White Battery with Red 1-10%

White Battery with Red Glow 1-10%

Energized Battery with Red Glow 1-10%

Stock Style WM6.5 White - No Numbers

Stock Style WM6.5 Energized - No Numbers

If your ROM does not have a 1% battery driver installed you can get it from this thread.

-= Battery Base Created by mccune =-

Attached Files CMYLXGOs.WM6.5.White.1.Percent.Battery.cab (440.8 KB, 57 views) CMYLXGOs.WM6.5.White.1.Percent.Battery.with.10.Per cent.Red.cab (440.8 KB, 100 views) CMYLXGOs.WM6.5.White.1.Percent.Battery.with.10.Per cent.Red.Glow.cab (440.8 KB, 100 views) CMYLXGOs.WM6.5.Energized.1.Percent.Battery.cab (438.6 KB, 170 views) CMYLXGOs.WM6.5.STOCK.White.1.Percent.Battery-NO.NUMBERS.cab (440.8 KB, 35 views) CMYLXGOs.WM6.5.STOCK.Energized.1.Percent.Battery-NO.NUMBERS .cab (440.9 KB, 38 views)

Thanks to CMYLXGO!!!
Thread here: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=109786

Originally Posted by jerryyyyy View Post
I tried these with two different 100% drivers and none worked for me. Stock 6.5 Sprint ROM.
Did you install the 1% battery driver from xda first?

Originally Posted by Improve View Post
I searched and found no cab for DeviceLock, atleast one like the one im using.

So I have two sugestions, the first option is this zip folder. I extracted the DeviceLock files from my rom, and pasted them to my wifes TP2 (running a diff. rom(mighty)), I was able to open and execute the files I included in the zip folder.

If you want to run them automaticaly from your start menu try pasting them to your Devices>Windows (directory folder), and or to your windows>startup or start menu, for quick and easy access since its not a cab file. The files named LockDevice and DeviceLock are the executable files to luanch app (included in zip).

Also maybe if you go to the furom called "The cab store" someone there can cab up theese files for you.

Finaly my last sugestion is to consider flashing to the new NGRZ28's Energy Rom. (My fav)

Hope this helps and if I do run across something better Ill let you all know.
I cabbed this up for you, Let me know how it works. Can find the Device lock Gui shortcut in start menu.

Originally Posted by jerryyyyy View Post
Yes, it is sitting on my phone and when I look at the battery state control panel I get 1% increments of change.... There is something funny about the icons when I install as I do not get the little percent numbers above the battery icon. I tried all three versions of the percent icon cabs....

I was wondering if I need HTC Taskmanager installed. I have resisted installing this as I am not sure all the copies available are good.
I attatched Jd's task manager, should work perfect.

Originally Posted by JustLok View Post
Does the 1% increment cabs work on a Stock 6.5 rom? I remember reading people saying that you needed a custom taskbar for it to show? Maybe someone can clarify that up for me please? Personally I'm using a custom rom and it works fine for me, but I have another phone on the stock rom and I'd like for that phone to have the 1% readings too.
Try attached Puritans Taskbar, works perfect on my Sprint stock 6.5.

Originally Posted by jerryyyyy View Post
That seems to be my problem as I do not get it with the stock Sprint 6.5 ROM. I wonder if there is a custom taskbar that is needed. I tried after installing HTC task manager and that did not do it.
Try attached Puritans Taskbar, works perfect on my Sprint stock 6.5.

Originally Posted by AL_CAPONE_187 View Post
i have a problem with the "Midomi" app in the first post. it says this cannot be installed because it doesnt have a trusted certificate or something like that!?
Try either attatched certs .cab.

Originally Posted by AL_CAPONE_187 View Post
i downloaded the first zip file twice and i keep getting an corrupt error when i try tomove an cab from the zip over to my phone. where the second zipp full of cabs work
Ill look at at, get back to you.

Originally Posted by princeofppc View Post
is there a cab to format the micro sd card
I ripped this from my TP2 stock and cabbed it up for you!!! Please try it and let me know how it works, thanks!

Originally Posted by AL_CAPONE_187 View Post
this is what i get when i try to install the program

"Installation was unsucccessful. the program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitially sighned with a trusted certificate"
Try either attatched certs .cab.

Originally Posted by dcurry View Post
I can't get any of the 1% battery .cabs to work on my Sprint 6.5 TP2 either. None of them provided the numbers above the battery icon in the taskbar. Worse, since I tried installing and removing each of them individually, now my battery icon only shows fully charged. If I tap on the battery icon to open the window, it shows the true battery state in 1% increments. I have the HTC Task Manager installed; is that the problem? Does anybody have a screenshot of the PurianS Tsowen Modded Taskbar they could post?
Originally Posted by Oditius View Post
I tried this on my phone and it put some sims card icon on top, (Mine is a CDMA device, but I do have a sims card in there) so I uninstalled it, now my batter icon has the % on top of the batter. Go figure!!
Ok, one thing to note about installing taskbars is that they can be fussy when it comes to removing them. Any kind of modding to the taskbar is tricky. And installing and trying various mods to the taskbar are going to cause issues 75% of the time. Thats why when I flash/hard reset I always start with the taskbar to be sure there is no problems, and thats why I have been using puitans I posted, It just works no problems, along with TP battery cab for 1%.
I posted a screenshot of the taskbar below.

Originally Posted by AL_CAPONE_187 View Post
sadly neither cab work unless i have to reset device after i install the cabs for them to take effect?
Give enableRapi a shot...
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Screen001.jpg (10.3 KB, 470 views) Click for barcode!
Attached Files
File Type: rar Hypnotic SET_1.rar (7.29 MB, 735 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: rar Hypnotic SET_2.rar (6.50 MB, 955 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: rar HYPNOTIC_GAMES_PACK.rar (6.24 MB, 920 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: rar HHYPNOTIC_GAMES_PACK_2.rar (6.86 MB, 845 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: rar Sprint cabs.rar (7.55 MB, 467 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: zip elitemway_Pedometer_1.42.zip (943.5 KB, 189 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Apristel BG4ALL - Animated Weather.cab (106.1 KB, 107 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab HTCYouTubeQVGA-Official0[1].02.cab (3.29 MB, 102 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: zip HTCYouTubeVGA.zip (1.68 MB, 90 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab SXRadio2PPC.CAB (832.0 KB, 229 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Daniel Herrero Lock Device 1.6.cab (397.6 KB, 77 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Hypnotic2010 Format SD.cab (126.0 KB, 79 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab jd TaskManager_2_1_19213732_17.cab (942.5 KB, 153 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab NoCert.cab (70.5 KB, 72 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab PurianS Tsowen Modded Taskbar.cab (1.41 MB, 120 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab SdkCerts.cab (4.6 KB, 101 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Enable Rapi.cab (1.4 KB, 83 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab TP2-Batt.cab (81.3 KB, 120 views) Click for barcode!
*For easy searching of both PPCGEEKS and XDA, bookmark my new tool below!!!
Hypnotic2010 Custom PPCGEEKS and XDA Developers search tool

**Got Lasers?? Check out our site for shows and equipment:

-A quick thanks always helps!

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Re: Favorite cabs thread

Don't have access to post the cab but as a Geo-Cache program I like G-Watch. latest version can be found here: http://www.ageye.de/index.php?s=gwatch/about
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Re: Favorite cabs thread

Originally Posted by chevy454 View Post
Anyone have a good weather cab, like maybe WeatherBug (2.1?)?
Not exactly weather but an animated weather radar HERE - can't attach cab cause it's only available on the dev's web page.
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Re: Favorite cabs thread

here's a fun game
Attached Files
File Type: cab CashCabCABProject.CAB (3.88 MB, 464 views) Click for barcode!
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Re: Favorite cabs thread

clear temp - erase cache and temp files. useful stuff.lets you soft reset too
opera fixes - shows opera on task manager.
lock device - uses stock lock. activates when screen off.
365radio - online radio with many choices.its a trial but but can still browse stations.
shakeandsave - screenshots
sms skin - iphone style sms
invisible tray icons - self explanatory....use it on sense 2.1.
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These are some cool SPRINT Look modifications & the newest version of WAZE fun GPS app.


aloqa... be a local anywhere you are... gps finds you and tells you what's going on around you.

Opera tweaks... basically I use this cab as it allows me to have more than just 2 tabs open within opera at once... if you're not a multitasker this cab is not for you.

This one may have been posted but I was influenced by the post above me regarding Pandora... This is a good partner for Pandora and self explanatory as to what it does... If you don't get it.. PM me. lol.

Outlook cleaner will find and help you delete any duplicates in your contacts list... I had a mess of duplicates when I synched with several services. Outlook cleaner cleaned the mess up.

Photo copy is really cool for students... You take a picture of a document and it will save it as a pdf file. You can then print it, email it... etc. I copy the reading material assigned to me in Phylosophy class and read it straight out of my pnone. I have even forwarded it to a couple of classmates. Pretty cool.

Originally Posted by mattmark2305 View Post
Does anyone happen to have the Bing 2010 and DIVX Player Cabs. Also some good games for the Tp2 wood very much be appreciated. Thanks to all for yor help.
Here's the Divix player I have and the Bing cab is on the Windows Marketplace... I included the new marketplace cab... You can go to settings once on and tell it to save the cabs in your sd card!!!

Ok... Some of these are pretty helpful.

1. Google translator... pretty much any language to any language.

2. Link Creator... allows you to make a link to any file within any folder. Great for when you have the executable in your mem card, you can create a link in your windows startup programs folder.

3. Cool little web based NBA app. Not as cool as the Sprint NFL one but cool nonetheless.

4. Pocket RAR... Rar's had me stumped as a n00b. I had no idea what they were and finally when I realized it was like a zip file I was freed of my ignorance. This will un rar files in your phone or mem card from your phone. You can extract the file into any file.

5. Sunrise... Is used by pilots or something like that. I use it because when you put in your information it tells you the current Moon Phase. This is invaluable when dealing with a crazy lunatic Ex wife. As soon as that 15 page email comes accross my desk. I pull out my phone and confirm the full moon and just ignore the email. lol


Originally Posted by mikedboyd View Post
Is 'Link Creator' any different than using Total Commander, 'create shortcut' function?
It does the same thing just very simplified and intuitive.
As a n00b I really appreciated this. But Total commander is a must have.

I've attached it in case someone wants it.

These are a couple more fun ones...

1... You Tube black cab... For those of you with dark settings It changes All the You Tube red logos to black. Just looks cool.

2... Mr Hawaii's font will change your font to a really cool one...

3... Startrekk sliding sounds... pretty self explanatory... Slide the keyboard open and you'll hear the old school Enterprize doors open, close it and guess what? lol. It also makes the little computer chirping sounds.

4... Transformers slider sound does the same as above but it makes the transformer robot change sound. I really like this one it can be pretty loud and people always ask me about my phone. Lol. Not for the shy or introverts.

5... Tiny Cam... This is cool. You can see what your camera is seeing while connected to your wifi network from any computer on the network by simply typing the phone's IP address in your computer's browser address bar. It also captures snap shots so you can set it and forget it like a security cam.

Here's pocket shield's newest.

For those who prefer S2U2
Here's Version 2.30 Also the newest as of today... This is the vga/wvga version.

Screen Alive runs in the background when you launch it... It will keep your screen from going dim while you are watching a movie or listening to music or whatever it is you are doing... Then just use the down arrow on the upper right hand corner to close it once you want your screen to go dim.

Photoshop mobile... This is really cool.
You join/register the site www.photoshop.com
Then you verify you login when you receive the email.
Then you install the cab.
Then when you take a picture it gets backed up online at photoshop.com without any effort on your part. You can also upload all your existing photos. Upto 2 gb for free. I use it as my photo back up .
I love it. It takes no effort on my part. And it's free.

Thank you climb22 for this one... I thought it might be good to put this one here... Its a You tube app that logs you into your youtube account.

This app is really nice but it does make you flip your phone the oposite direction of the original youtube app. I like it but can't get used to having my phone "backwards"
Attached Files
File Type: cab C07 Chrome Icons Sprint.cab (61.0 KB, 145 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab C07 Transparent Chrome Flip Clock.cab (52.6 KB, 221 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab C07 Transparent Slider (No icons).cab (177.9 KB, 132 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab waze.cab (3.65 MB, 157 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab aloqa.cab (1.66 MB, 297 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab HYP2010_OPERA_TWEAKS.cab (3.8 KB, 118 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab Keep_Music_Playing_when _pressing_power.cab (1.8 KB, 275 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab OutlookCleaner_0[1].991.CAB (54.3 KB, 88 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab PhotoCopy.v.1.04.008.wmsp6.CBD.CAB (1.26 MB, 576 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab DivXPlayer.CAB (1.35 MB, 371 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab marketplacebootstrap.cab (349.2 KB, 116 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab GoogleTranslator.cab (103.9 KB, 315 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab LinkCreator1.1.CAB (47.4 KB, 110 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab nba.cab (11.6 KB, 216 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab sunrisecab.CAB (130.2 KB, 146 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab tcmdpocketarm.cab (486.3 KB, 92 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab MrGC YouTube Black.cab (2.56 MB, 140 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab MrHawaii TF3D Illegal Edding Font.cab (62.4 KB, 154 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab StarTrekKBSlidingSounds.cab (87.9 KB, 317 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab TransformersSliderSound.cab (97.6 KB, 535 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab tinyCAM.CAB (513.9 KB, 495 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab PocketShield.CAB (574.7 KB, 142 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: zip S2U2-2[1].30-VGA.zip (2.62 MB, 155 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab screen_alive.cab (18.0 KB, 221 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab psm-beta-p-pc-htp.cab (1.40 MB, 88 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab youtube.cab (853.5 KB, 99 views) Click for barcode!

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