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helmi_c 11-05-2007 06:16 AM

Apache WM6 Kitchen CE OS 5.2.1908 (Build 18508.0.7.0) - UPDATED 20071217
Apache Kitchen CE OS 5.2.1908 (Build 18508.0.7.0)

Please scroll to the bottom of this post for updates


I'm happy that this kitchen is finally finish for public release after a LOT OF WORK done and fixing stuff by luv2chill, and input, fix and also support from Tiermann and gguruusa, this kitchen hv a new meaning of 'cooking roms' with it new interface, new functionality, more user friendly, etc, thanks gguruusa for the amazing work on the Buildos...


Supported device:
UTStarcom PPC-6700, Audiovox PPC6700, Audiovox XV6700 and all Its variant.

Thanks Part:



Bepe, itsme
, Misar, cmonex

Apache Device:

My special thanks and respect for luv2chill , gguruusa , Tiermann
I can't thank you guys enough for what you guys done with this kitchen, this kitchen is rock!

Naiga and Kdoweb for give me the Device. How the hell can I do it without a device!.. thanks guys..
Naiga , Colonel, ImCoKeMaN, Kolano, CaptainJager , Polargoat, 6700Yuma , vboyz103, LennySh , pierocksmysocks ,Mr. HUGI for testing, suggestions, reports, ideas, supports and all ppcgeeks community, thanks for the help with development, actually I wanna thank you guys for being a good friends..
The_Omni, willysp, Wideawake (mike) for the site, helps and also the shipping the device and other helps.

and all of you guys at ppcgeeks.com! and all of the donator, well, in the end it will back to your own benefit, thanks!...
Sincerely, I hopes that I'm not forget any names... if so forgive me and please pm me about it...

This Kitchen is free to use but at your own risk, I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your phone by this upgrading procedure. No warranties of any kind are given. Any commercial usage prohibited.

The Kitchen (Updated 12/17/07 )

Current Download (071217_1):
MD5 Hash 5EC94E42DE272439302EFD6F506D72FA

OEM Package (Updated 12/17/07 )
Current Download (Rev4):

Please read the instruction file, and search the forum before you ask something, and please do report bug if you find any, or even better, post a solution for the bug to make the kitchen team life easier..

happy cooking!


071217_1 Changes:
-BuildOS updated
-Fixed green tinge in splash images
-Fixed build fault with no banner present
-Added licensetype field to option.xml parser
-Added requireddevicefeatures field to option.xml parser
-Enabled forcing of ROM file attributes to +r +s
-OEMizer updated to 1.3.2. Includes help file. (see OEMizer thread for changes)
-Cleared old .nb files out of SplashImages\QVGA since there are already the png equivelants there.
-All prj files updated with the proper paths. No reason to move them. They shouldn't even be needed anymore if you choose your carrier from the dropdown list at the top of BuildOS.

071117_1 Changes:
-BuildOS Updated
-Support png for Boot Splash (no need to convert to .nb)
-You can now choose Windows loading screens (320x320 png, welcomehead.96.png).
-Previews added for both splashes.
-Now encodes the ROM using your carrier choice. (No more HTC64 Encode or prjs)
-Embarq carrier added
-Movistar carrier updated
-OEMizer menu item fixed.
-Fixed refresh when selections file does not exist.
-Corrected max_rom_size.
-Groups sorted alphabetically
-Fixed OEM processing order.
-Moved MS Office to 3 seperate OEMs in PPCGeeks_OEM.rar
-Block transfer size for SD and MMC classes down to 20 from 40 to prevent music skipping. (thanks verizonguy)
-Changed registry to show the "Request delivery notifications" checkbox in settings (still unchecked by default).
-IR driver changed to version from AKU 3.3 ROM. Fixes Computer<->PPC beams. (thanks verizonguy)
-Power saving reg entries corrected.
-OEMizer updated to 1.2.4

071108_1 Changes:
-Fixed button mapping.
-BuildOS Updated
-fixed index out of bounds on save
-added OEMizer to menus
-added file replaces module support for PatchDir
-added config setting for PagePool search pattern
-OEMizer update to 1.2.1

071107_2 Changes:
-Added Generic and Reliance India prj's
-Fixed pagepool UI in buildOS.
-Updated tips.txt
-Added Patches as default PatchDir
-Reverted mail-providers.xml (gmail imap doesn't work properly on windows mobile)

071107_1 Changes:
-Rom folder reference fixed. (Only broken in 071106_1)

071106_1 Changes:
-BuildOS will warn you about missing Modules (rar) but not error during build.
-New config var PatchDir added. Files in PatchDir location will be applied to ROM.
-x64 support added.
-Homepage URL errors gracefully handled.
-Removed "New Text Document" from OEM_PhoneInfo (thanks KidGixxer)
-Fixed a couple button mapping.
-OEMizer updated to version 1.2.0. (See the official OEMizer thread for changes)


Rev4 Changes:
-Added HTC Large Titlebar
-Added HTC Action Screen
-Added HTC Random Access
-Fixed Touch Keyboard word completion
-Fixed RC Mod homepage url
-Renamed png's in Slide2Unlock .85 so as not to conflict with other OEMs
-Removed SprintTV. (updates/breaks too often. use a cab. http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=12622)
-Updated Advanced Configuration to version 1.1
-Added MultiStatus Today plugin (Thanks Verizonguy)
-Updated Microsoft Live Search to latest version.
-Added RegLogger
-Added WM Wifi Router
-Updated HTC Album
-Added HTC Home 2.1.1005.722. Fixes weather issues. Not compatible with HTC Home Customizer yet.
-Fixed HTC Home 2.0.814.722 weather tab.
-PocketIRC default server changed to freenode.
-Updated WkTask to

Rev3 Changes:
-Split MS Office into individual OEMs for each app.
-Updated TodayAgenda to 1.0
-Added Slide2Unlock .85 (includes settings app)
-O2 excludes updated.
-WkTask updated to
-Removed Oxios "closeapps" shortcut and exe.
-Added HTC Sprint HomePlug

Rev2 Changes:
-Fixed Chess. No more complaining about engine.
-Added credit for 1Calc OEM to ComputerCarl
-Removed the word blue from tensor calc skin name. bug reported by Robtao
-OtO updated to latest verison .5b
-Slide2Unlock updated from .52 to .72. Added PPCGeeks background by Pierocksmysocks.
-QuickMenu dll updated for size and fixes "horizontal scrolling". Start Menu shortcut added as well.
-1.19mb cleaned from TCPMP OEM (re-uses wmp's wmv and wma codecs)
-O2 exclusions fixed.
-Removed thumbs.db from HTC Touch Kb.
-Added version.txt inside the rar so users can tell what they have.


the18thtee 11-05-2007 06:17 AM

Holy crap.
Helmi is my HERO!

DLing now. Flashing soon.

Christmas came early this year!!!

tiermann 11-05-2007 06:19 AM


Originally Posted by the18thtee (Post 114041)
Holy crap.
Helmi is my HERO!

+1 :):twisted::mrgreen:

It was a fun project to work on. All of you kick ass and are great to work with. :)

As a reminder:
The PPCGeeks_OEM.rar DOES NOT get un-rar'd.
Just save it directly to your installation folder.

This is one of the tips included in "tips.txt" located in your installation directory. Be sure to read it to better familiarize yourself with the new kitchen.

gguruusa 11-05-2007 06:27 AM

I hope everyone has as much fun using this as we had bringing it to you.

Please post bugs in the appropriate threads.

luv2chill 11-05-2007 06:48 AM

Just to follow on with a couple more screen shots of gguruusa's superb BuildOS replacement app. He developed this himself based on bepe's previous BuildOS code in just four weeks time. He deserves as much credit as anyone for this release.



A bunch of people worked unimaginable numbers of hours to create a kitchen that already has most of the bugs worked out. I'm sure more will be found by the good users of PPCGeeks, but for the most part every bug reported with Helmi's WM6 ROM release on 8/31/2007 has been fixed. This kitchen also has helmi's appropriate core version (CE OS 5.2.1908.) to match with the AKU .7.0 system files--which always makes for better stability than trying to run newer OS files on an older core.

Some of the primary improvements over helmi's WM6 (AKU .4.2 ROM release):

1. Fully working WiFi
2. Correct Picture Mail site for Sprint users
3. Fully working Voice Command OEM included (including fix for Announcements over Bluetooth)
4. Newer version of HTC Home Plugin
5. Fully working IR
6. Several compatible phone skins, including the brand new one from the HTC Vogue (EDIT: As well as the default crossbow skin--if you do not choose a skin then you will get the stock one)
7. All modules have had their memory allocations relocated so no more chance of overlapping memory regions (which could cause lots of random errors).
8. Several commonly requested tweaks are in the kitchen by default (no connection bubble, power saving tweaks, time sync automatically, only calibration and time zone steps in welcome wizard, all phone settings pages unhidden, lots more...)
9. If you choose a carrier during your build there will be no need for the soft reset at first boot to prevent your extrom from installing--that's been turned off
10. Two new carriers have been added (Aliant and Movistar Venezuela--please test if you use those carriers)
11. Latest version of CDMA-specific MMS app ( from the Alltel PPC6800. This version has been tested to work fully on Sprint, Verizon, and Alltel
12. Your choice of traditional SD-only or SDHC-compatible drivers (I still recommend the SD-only set unless you need to use SDHC cards)
13. Properly functioning 1x/Ev switch

There are others I can't think of at the moment, but that's enough for now.

As far as current issues, the only one I know of is that the volume slider still works if the phone is locked (not if the phone is suspended--only in the lock state). I have devoted a bit of time to this but no solution yet.

Anyway, I hope you will find this was worth waiting for. Please use the bug report thread (http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=11076). If anyone would like specific information on any of the bugs already fixed in this kitchen, feel free to ask in this thread and I'll provide as much information as I can.

P.S. A big thanks also to pierocksmysocks who created new graphics for the RUUs as well as a nice Apache sync.ico for Vista users (you should see it in your Windows Mobile Device center and in "My Computer" when your Apache is connected--if not, go into Device Manager expand Portable Devices, and uninstall the Pocket PC device--then disconnect and reconnect your Apache).

lennysh 11-05-2007 06:55 AM

Yeah, many thank's goes out to you all! Great program GGuruUSA !!! Many thank's again to everybody for letting me help test it....

Alltel users, you'll be happy to know that MMS work's out of the box with this kitchen, as well as it deliver's the newest "working" mms software that was ported from the Alltel Titan. So that mean's we now get to use the official Alltel MMS server setting's just like the Titan is using. All of my old setting's still work, but why use those when you can have it done for you automatically with this kitchen anyway with the newer setting's.

Like was posted earlier, please post any suggestions/problems in the appropriate threads.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

nickm 11-05-2007 07:15 AM

Very nice work as usual :)

mellon 11-05-2007 07:38 AM

big thanks to Helmi_C and all others working for the kitchen.

rickpub 11-05-2007 08:10 AM

Did I ever tell you you're my heros..... Thank you Gentlemen very much! Helmi, you rock. You can look for a little something extra in your stocking early this Christmas!

GaMedic 11-05-2007 08:21 AM

I can't wait to get off work to play. Thanks for all your hard work. Did you guys work with verizonguy at all on this? It seems that he put a lot of time and effort into his kitchen. I am guessing this one is totally different. Anyway thanks and I will play soon.

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