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Old 10-25-2011, 11:25 PM
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Lightbulb LCARS Conversion Kit [UPGRADED 10-31-2011]

This Conversion Kit is designed to convert your device's overall look to that of a PADD, or LCARS interface device from the Star Trek universe.

OS: WM5/6

Difficulty: Moderate

Disclaimer: With the exception of the skin for TCPMP, the DockWare image series, the Today Wallpapers, and the Color Scheme files, all programs, flash movies, and skins in this kit are the property of their respective owners, and were acquired as freeware. However the versions of those skins in this kit have been modified, sometimes extensively, by myself, so that they may better integrate with the overall conversion scheme.


Step 0:Transfer the "LCARS.ttf" font from the main Kit directory to the "Fonts" folder on your device

Step 1: Install Wisbar Advance (The latest Version, although this setup was deigned for WA2...), or if you already have Wisbar Advance, place the folder "WA2 LCARS" into the appropriate diectory. (You may rename it as needed) There is also an animation for your wait cursor stored in the "LCARS WaitCursor" directory (You won't need the animation if you're using WA2... To get a unique wait animation, install the cab file "MWC2.2" instead from the "Programs" directory, and load the entire folder "MajUan I" into the program's directory on your device (It should be: "Program Files>MWC2").

Step 2: Install the program "Digital Today Screen Clock" (After installing, make sure it is the item at the TOP of your today screen, and that it is the only clock enabled) found in the "Programs" Directory of this Kit, and Load the Today Screen Wallpaper. After installing the clock, Go to Start>Settings>Personal>Today, and select the option to set a picture as the desktop background (Pick any .png image, you'll have to enter the filename manually, including extension, although you can navigate to the folder just fine... we'll be adjusting it in a moment) Once the desktop has changed, drop the contents of the folder "LCARS Today Wallpaper" DIRECTLY into the "Windows" directory. Don't worry if you can't see anything, it'll show up once you reset.

Step 3: Install the Program "UITweaker" from the "Programs" folder in the Kit. Once it's installed, Place the contents of the folder "LCARS Color Schemes" into a directory you can easily remember, and execute the program. Once open, Launch the subprogram "TdyScheme Changer" and then select the button "Windows Mobile 5.0 and Above" Set the BaseHue to "280" and select OK, now select the "Tools" button, then select "Import". A file exploring dialog will appear. Navigate to the folder you placed the two files from the "LCARS Color Schemes" directory, and select the .scheme file "LCARS" (It should be the only thing visible). After applying the scheme, navigate back to the launcher panel, and launch the subprogram "SysColor Changer". Select Tools>Import, you should be in the same file explorer dialog as before, and there should be only one .sys file visible "LCARS" Select it. (If not, navigate to it as before) Once the color scheme is imported, a dialog box will prompt ypu to reset, do so.

Step 4: Install DockWare. Once you have done so, remove all the image files from the DockWare directory, and insert the contents of the folder "DockWare LCARS Series". Set theDockWare options as follows: Set Transitions to "on" set the display for "Digital Clock, no Calendar", and set the color to Red-255, Green-155, Blue-5. You can set the start delay to whatever you wish.

Step 5: Install PsShutXP. Place the folder "PsShutXP" where you want on your device, and place the contents of the directory "PsShutXP" into it. Now, place a shortcut to "PsShutXP_nosc.exe" in your Start Menu.

Step 6: Install the skins for WMP, Pocket Player, and TCPMP. Place the folder "WMP LCARS" into the directory "Program Files/Windows Media Player/Skins" Rename as neded. Place the file "Pocket Player LCARS.psz" into the Directory "Program Files/Pocket Player" (If you have Pocket Player installed) Rename as needed. Place the folder "TCPMP LCARS" into whatever folder you have selected for storing your TCPMP Skins. Rename as needed. (You will need to have a version of TCPMP that supports skinning, You can download one Here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=815789

Step 7: In the directory "Flash Movies" in the Kit, there are several LCARS Flash movies you can bind to your hardware buttons to round out your LCARS experience.

Step 8: In the directory "Alerts" are two audio files which you may use as alarms for a low battery event.

Setup Complete.

(UPDATED: 11-14-2011 CHANGES: Upgraded volume bubble, and other minor graphics fixes)

Previews Below:
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Home.jpg (14.2 KB, 6 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: jpg Menu.jpg (14.8 KB, 3 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: jpg Pocket Player.jpg (13.8 KB, 4 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: jpg WMP.jpg (9.9 KB, 3 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: jpg TCPMP.jpg (7.7 KB, 3 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: jpg DockWare.jpg (11.0 KB, 3 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: jpg PsShutXP.jpg (10.8 KB, 3 views) Click for barcode!
Attached Files
File Type: 7z LCARS Conversion Kit.7z (6.76 MB, 5 views) Click for barcode!

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