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Re: TEP in store replacement question

Originally Posted by DaveTN View Post
@Aleki , but what plan are you on or did you have to change plans?

I've been all the way up to the corporate level and they all tell me no that it can't be done.


I'm on the $40 Sero Plus, but had the $30 plan when I had my TP2. When I learned I would be getting an arrive, I called up the SERO CS and asked to be upgraded; went without a hitch
Originally Posted by elesbb View Post
mind sharing how the hell you pulled that off ? did they pass it as your upgrade or something ? and who did you ask/speak to ?
Well, to begin with, I wasnt attempting to pull anything. I had been having quite a few recurring issues with my TP2. the biggest offender was that my volume and mic would go out without notice (stock ROM btw) I have explained to them that I really need this phone to work as I rely on it as a alarm; not to mention, I look incredibly foolish when I pick up a call and my mic is not functioning. After about 2 replacements at the same store, they called me up and gave me my options(hero, bb curve, and some other crappy options). I had told them I was only interested in the TP2 because I didnt want to deal with any exchange issues and that I liked the keyboard on the TP2 to begin with. After that, the store rep offered me the arrive since they didnt have any new TP2's available. This did not impact my upgrade eligibility whatsoever.

Keep in mind, this happened somewhere between jun/july, and that they may have since decided to stop offering the arrive as a replacement phone.
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