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Old 12-25-2007, 07:19 PM
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New Mogul user. Very specific questions.

Alright first of all let me say thank you to everyone on this and the many other sites i have been using to make this phone what it is...
such as xda, and sprintusers...

also i know how much everyone hates people asking the same ?'s over
and over so if anyone can just take a gander at this and drop some knowledge of any kind let me know

I have so far on my phone

Arcsoft MMS
HTC HOME and Home Customizer
task manager or X-button 2.0

now i have spoken with tech support with sprint many times
and i am coming under the impression there is a way you can load the touch softwear on to the mogul, thus allowing the tv to work and im also thinking thats what the HTC HOME display is designed to look like. The standard touch display. I havent actually seen a touch in action though.

Now im well aware of all the memory leaks and what not. I do know that the MMS cab i installed slows the phone down. Opening messaging sometimes takes forever, sometimes doesnt work at all...

i also installed the phm reg editor, i cant seem to get into any of the stuff i need to make it work. i do not know if i installed it wrong or what but...

to sum it all up,

is there a way to format the mogul into a touch,
is the mms prog going to slow down my phone no matter what
does the x button 2.0 work or should i be using something else
could someone perhaps pm me or link me to a thread that explains in depth the reg editing crap, or maybe reccommend a better prog than phm

thank you everyone so much

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Old 12-25-2007, 07:47 PM
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Welcome to the Mogul bandwagon!

First, can you tell us what ROM version are you using? You can find this in Start > Settings > Device Information. Anything below 2.17 is quite buggy and unreliable, and could be the culprit behind your MMS lag. ROM 2.17 fixes a lot of the memory leak and lag issues the phone had in the past. More about 2.17: HTC Mogul Sprint ROM 2.17.651.0 (old=2.16.651.0)

Most Touch software will work fine on the Mogul, with the exception of a selected few (the OZ Instant Messaging and Sprint TV). HTC Home works just like it does on the Touch, and there are a few versions of TouchFLO and the Cube floating around if you're interested in those. I don't have the links to those threads, use the Search.

X-Button works fine, and I can't tell from your post if you're using X-Button or the latest version (which has been renamed Task Manager). Either way, it functions just as it's supposed to.

PHM is a fine registry editor, second only to perhaps Resco's Registry Editor (which isn't free). Try this thread for some reg tweaks: Reg tweaks [07/15/2007 rev.2]

And last but not least, use the Search function! You should be able to find the answers to the many questions you may have about the Mogul. If not, don't hesitate to post. Enjoy your Mogul!
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