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Old 01-24-2009, 04:46 PM
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Yahoo SMS messenger working with sprint!

I thought I would just share this with the community. Apparently there have been various threads on here, SU and XDA about sprint not being cooperative with getting yahoo sms messenger working on sprint.

I love SMS messenger and have been missing it since joining up with sprint. Prior to today, everytime I tried to sign in I would get an error. Well today, I decided to give it a try again (since I havn't done so in a few months) and I am pleased to say that it works!!

I know a lot of you use IM programs or palringo but I just want to say if you have a text messaging plan, you should give it a shot!

To sign in all you need to do is text "in login password" to 92466 (yahoo on your dialpad) no quotes.

You'll get a text back with your contact list. Each user has a 3 digit code. For example my G/F is 102

If you want to send a text to that person you would just text 92466102 and send your message. or you can text 92466 with the message but put 102 first.
Hey babes!

or 92466
102 hey babes!

Once they reply you just reply normally since any message you receive will come from a special number.

Ok, the help functions are not working as of yet. If you need help just generate an error by texting something that yahoo doesn't understand. Reply to the yahoo contact list with something like help. It will say command not recognized and it will tell you how to properly use yahoo.

Once you do this you can go into contacts and add 92466102 as the contact name. Then you can shoot a sms from your contacts without having to remember who they are.

Also, as you add people their numbers don't change. So if you log in and out, next time you log in again 102 will still be the same person.

Now a lot of you guys might be wondering why even bother when there are various IM programs out there. Well let me give you a few reasons why I love yahoo sms over im programs.

1. They don't suck battery life. EVDO churning in the background is hell on a TP
2. You don't need a program running to send/receive messages.
3. You can shoot a im just by sending a text and looking up your contact. no need to jump through hoops.

The program is well written. Every contact you chat with will have their own window. It's practically transparent from a text messaging standpoint. Also, even if you don't want to be bothered with inputting contact informations because texts come in from 92466102 for example, the texts will always start with "Darkflame808 says:" etc so you don't forget who you are talking to.

When people see you on yahoo it will say you are on SMS. It will tell them how much characters they can type based on the fact that "Darkflame808 says:" costs a few characters. So it will tell them if they can type 147 or 144 characters etc.

Give it a shot! let me know what you think!.

If this was useful for you shoot me a thanks! If you found this post a waste of time send me your watch and i'll rewind it 15 minutes and send it back to you.

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