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Old 04-06-2011, 05:42 PM
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Lightbulb Why Google Maps isn't available offline

After hours of searching for solutions to Google Maps offline, I finally found a solid answer from Google's own mouth.
Permission Guidelines for Google Maps and Google Earth

Thank you for your interest in using content such as maps or satellite images from Google Maps or Google Earth (referred to in these guidelines as “Content”). Content is owned either by Google or its suppliers. This guide should help you figure out whether or not your proposed use of the Content is OK, how to properly give credit to Google and our suppliers, when you have to ask our permission to use the Content, and some other helpful hints.

Terms of service: To determine if your proposed use of Content is acceptable, you should first check the applicable terms of service, such as the Google Maps/Google Earth Terms and Conditions and the Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service. Your use of Content in marketing and promotional materials, films, books, journals, online video streaming, labels, packaging or various commercial products, or in any other media, is first and foremost governed by the license provided in the applicable terms of service for the product. In certain circumstances, Google may be able to grant you a further license to use the Content in a manner not covered in the terms of service. Finally, apart from any license granted to you by Google, your use of Content may be acceptable under principles of ‘fair use’.

Fair use: Fair use is a concept under copyright law in the United States that, generally speaking, permits you to use a copyrighted work in certain ways without obtaining a license from the copyright holder. There are a variety of factors that affect whether or not your use of Content would be considered a fair use, including the purpose and character of your use, the nature of the copyrighted work, the amount of the copyrighted material used, and the effect of your use upon the potential market for the copyrighted work. For example, there are differences between use in a for-fee service and use in a work of scholarship, or the use of a single map screenshot and the use of detailed map images for an entire country. There are similar, although generally more limited, concepts in other countries’ copyright laws, including a concept known as “fair dealing” in a number of countries.

Please do not request that we interpret whether your use of Content is a fair use. Google cannot tell you if your use of Content from our products would be a fair use or would be considered fair dealing; these are legal analyses that depend on all of the specific facts of your proposed use. We suggest you speak with an attorney if you have questions regarding fair use of copyrighted works.

The guidelines below further describe how to determine if your use of Content outside of the Google products is acceptable.

Specific Use Cases

All uses of Google Maps and Google Earth and Content MUST provide attribution to Google and our suppliers. In no circumstance do we approve of any use of Content without proper attribution. Requests for exceptions will not be answered.

Attribution is the line(s) shown on the bottom of the Content in the products along with copyright notices, such as “©2011 Google, Map Data ©2011 Tele Atlas.” (The exact text of the attribution changes based on geography and Content type.) The attribution text must be legible to the average viewer or reader. The automatically-generated Google logo and attribution text may only be removed or obstructed if reintroduced in a visible form elsewhere within the Content. In print use, if for some reason attribution cannot be placed within the Content, separate attribution text must be provided directly adjacent to the Content. In video, attribution must appear on-screen for the entire duration the Content is displayed; we cannot approve requests to move attribution to end credits.

Below is a demonstration on where to find attribution in Earth and Maps.

TV/Film/Public Display

Generating videos: Use of Content in offline video requires purchase of Google Earth Pro for exporting videos. Screen captures of the free version of Google Earth may not be used for these purposes. Non-profits or educational institutions may apply for a grant for Google Earth Pro.

Licensing: Google offers a content license for video display of Content, such as TV, film, or concert backdrop. Please contact us with information about your proposed use so we can process accordingly. To expedite the process, please include a clip or a mock of your proposed use in context, demonstrating proper attribution as described above. Remember that in no case can we allow you to display our Content without on-screen attribution at the time it’s shown, and that end credits are insufficient.

If a TV use, show in context with any chyrons, lower-thirds, network bugs, or other on-screen graphics that will appear at the same time
If a film use, describe or demonstrate the precise use and clarify whether the imagery will be shown full-screen or as part of a scene (such as on a computer screen)
If another use, such as public display, photograph or mock up the scene so we can be assured that attribution will be reasonably apparent to the audience
If your proposed offline use of Google Maps or Google Earth is limited in scope, the concept of ‘fair use’ may apply. As explained above, we cannot help you determine whether your use is fair use.


Screenshots/use in your site: If you want to use Content from Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View, etc. on your website, embed it within the site rather than uploading screenshots. This means the Content will be loaded directly from Google’s servers, and will automatically have appropriate attribution. Please go to Add Google Maps to your webpage to learn more about embedding, our APIs, and more. You can also use and embed My Maps, to put pins, lines, and other annotations on a map. No permission is required for any embedded use; you must only follow the product terms of service. (The one exception is if you’re demonstrating use of the product, such as with a tutorial or a news article about the product, and embedding is impossible, in which case screenshots with appropriate attribution are acceptable.)

Use in a limited-access site: To use our Content within a site that charges a fee or is otherwise restricted (such as a company intranet), you must use the Google Maps API Premier. Non-profit or educational institutions may apply for a grant.

Links to Google Maps or Google Earth: No permission is necessary to link to our products from your own website or software. We appreciate you sending visitors our way! However, please do not use Google logos as links.

Online video: You do not need permission to create and display video created from Google Maps or Google Earth in a video, whether hosted on your own site or through a service such as YouTube. You must purchase a copy of Google Earth Pro if exporting motion video, because screen capturing is not allowed. As with all uses, you must have proper attribution for Content as described above.

Advertisements: Use of our APIs in online advertisements are permissible under the applicable Terms of Service. Static images of our Content may not be used without our permission.

Use in Software including GIS software, flight simulators etc: You may not scrape or otherwise export Content from Google Maps or Earth for use within another application. For offline imagery or mapping with your own datasets, please learn about our Google Earth Enterprise product.

Offline Use: You may not scrape or otherwise export Content from Google Maps or Earth or save it for offline use.

Use on a mobile device: Is only permitted via our APIs and under the Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service. (For the iPhone, please research Map Kit).


This section distinguishes between two types of Content: satellite imagery (“Satellite”), and maps and terrain (“Maps”).

General guidelines for print use: Google Earth and Maps are geography exploration tools, and are not to be used to extract Content for derivative uses that do not relate to the products. Whether you are producing a book, magazine article, printed advertisement, or other sort of printed material, as a rule you may not use this Content in print unless you are specifically making use of a distinctive aspect of our products. As always, you must follow the attribution guidelines as described above. Distinctive aspects include, but are not limited to:

Maps (Please note particular country-specific restrictions on our Legal Notices page.)

Satellite with labels (sometimes known as "hybrid") maps (example). (A standard satellite view (example) is not distinctive.)
My Maps, which you can use to add lines, shapes, and points to any map view
Maps with search results (example) or a search result "info bubble" (example)
Driving/walking/transit directions

Views of hilly terrain
3D buildings
Paths and polygons

We do not distinguish between non-profit and for-profit uses of our Content. If the view you show of our Content is not distinctive, you may not use this Content. We cannot license the rights to use of satellite Content in standalone use, but we can recommend a Google search for “satellite imagery for purchase” to suit your needs.

Specific use cases: We are often asked about the use of our products for these use cases.

Guidebooks and other navigational publications: Content from Google Maps or Earth may not be used as a core part of printed navigational content, such as tour books, maps, etc., without express permission. Limited use, such as a single page in a promotional booklet for a shopping district, is acceptable if it fits within the general guidelines described above.
Basis for contractors’ or environmental consultants’ reports: Conforming with the general guidelines above, if the analysis of the scene in question has been created using Google Maps or Earth, you may use the Content in printed materials. You may not extract Content for derivative uses that do not relate to the products, such as for further editing within another drafting, desktop publishing, or GIS application.
Demonstration of product use: Showing the use of Google Maps or Earth is acceptable with proper attribution as described above. Such cases might include a tutorial on using the product, a news article, or an example of your API implementation.
Academic use: Publication of Content in a thesis, published peer-reviewed article, etc. is subject to the applicable product terms of service and these guidelines, including the discussion of ‘fair use’ as described above. Please do not request that we grant you explicit permission, or ask us whether your case qualifies as fair use, as we are unable to do so.
Individual printouts for private use: Google Maps and Google Earth have built-in print functionalities. You may print Content from these services for personal use without permission.
Tracing. You may not use Google Maps or Google Earth as the basis for tracing your own maps or other geographic content.


How do I report an inaccuracy or request a change in Google Maps or imagery?
Please do not report these matters through the permissions process. In the US, you may use the Report a Problem link at the bottom-left of the map view (watch this video for instructions). If your country is editable through Map Maker, you may make the changes yourself. For other countries, submit your request through the Fix an Error form where it will be evaluated by the appropriate teams. If your concern relates to privacy in Street View, please visit the Street View microsite.

I’m interested in a co-marketing opportunity with Google, or I’ve done something cool with Google Maps or Earth that I’d like to share. Whom should I contact?
Please contact us through the Geo Permissions form. While we cannot accommodate all inquiries, we are interested to hear from you. If you have created a KML layer you may upload it to our KML Gallery.

Can you sign an agreement or letter indicating that I have permission to use your imagery?
We are unable to sign any letter or contract specifying that your project or use has our explicit permission. The only exception is when you arrange for a content license from us.

Would you please give me permission to show your content without attribution, or put the attribution at the end of my book/movie/TV show?
Without exception, we require attribution when Content is shown. Please scroll up to the "Attribution Requirements" section for full details. If you are unwilling to meet our attribution requirements, please contact our data provider(s) directly to inquire about purchasing the rights to the content directly.

I’d like to publicize the work I’ve created using Content from Google Earth and Maps. Can I send out a press release?
Google is pretty conservative when it comes to press releases. Please do not release any publicity materials that refer to Google, Google Earth or Google Maps unless you have prior written approval from us.

Can Google provide me with high-resolution screenshots?
If you need to export high-resolution imagery from Google Earth, you may want to purchase Google Earth Pro, but please keep in mind the restrictions on uses of aerial and satellite imagery. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide high-resolution versions of our map tiles.

I’ve found what I believe to be an improper use of Google maps or satellite imagery. Should I let you know?
Yes, please, through our Geo Permissions form.

I’m having trouble with Google Maps or Google Earth. Can I contact you?
For technical questions, please refer to our online help center for Google Maps and Google Earth.

I need to contact one of your data providers. Can you please provide their contact information?
Unfortunately, we cannot. May we recommend a Google search?

What if my question isn’t answered above?
If your questions are not addressed in the permissions guidelines for Google Maps and Google Earth as mentioned on this page, please contact Geo Permissions. Due to the large volume of incoming requests, please allow to two to three weeks for a response.
For the love of God, SEARCH before asking!
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Just get Google maps brute force

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