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Old 10-16-2010, 08:43 PM
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Pocket PC: intrepid by samsung
Carrier: sprint
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wm6.5 standard?

I have had the Intrepid on sprint for awhile now, I was going to get the q or the snap but I like this style better. The only thing I don't like is the wm6.5 pro interface. I wanted to get away from a touch screen and thought I would be able to customize it to not require touch on a lot of things.

I have read that wm6.5 standard is designed to be non-touch oriented. Anyone know of a way to get that on my intrepid instead of the pro that comes stock? The resistive touchscreen seems really fragile and unless I take the time to use the stylus every time I'm worried that touching it will eventually lead to permanent fingerprints or scratches on the thin film over the screen.
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Old 10-19-2010, 11:45 AM
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Pocket PC: samsung intrepid wm 6.5
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Re: wm6.5 standard?

if you are worried about fingerprints or scratches on a phone in this day and age, you're just being silly. they're unavoidable, regardless of if its a touch screen. this phone is FAR from a work of art so don't sweat that stuff.

i don't have an answer to your specific question, but i can vouch that you can get plenty done on this phone without using the touch screen. i don't like touch screen phones either and use the keyboard/d-pad as much as possible. if the only thing keeping you from buying it is the touch-oriented interface, i wouldn't sweat it so much. if you want an up to date phone that is not 100% touch or slider/keyboard like everything else new out there, this phone is great.
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