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Old 10-30-2008, 04:33 PM
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"You know you need a coversheet on your TPS reports, Richard, THAT AINT YOU BABY" - Terrible Terry Tate, the office linebacker...


So I have had my unit since Saturday afternoon, 4:30pm...(Oct 27th)

Do I live the phone... oh yessss... Touchflo 3d on the TPS, works 100x better than plain Touchflo 2.0 on the MOGUL... There is a little bit of a lag, here and there, but I am sure, with future ROM updates, patches, and re-worked kitchen, those kinks will be worked out..


-Sharp, crisp screen... Just plain awsome...Its not the biggest screen, but it is so very nice and sharp and crisp...

-Lots of memory... I no longer have to reboot (soft reset) at least 2 or 3 times aday...

-Fast CPU... All of the apps I run, work very well. And because sprint loaded up the rom with nice programs, like Voice Commander, I have very little to install (Google maps, Tom Tom NAV...

-Nice integrated apps... like Youtube, which looks AWESOME on the VGA screen... just flat out blows me away...

-The build and feel of the phone. Has an excellent heft... the metallic case, although it needs constant wiping because of the metallic finish and the black, glossy screen. The phone just does not have the plasticky feel to it, like the Mogul and PPC-6700 did... It looks so real and glossy, and sharp just sitting on my desk.

-GPS speed is much improved... takes about a minute for it to load up and connect, inside of Tom Tom.

-I have not tested the wi-fi, but the phone antennae is pretty much adequate.

-Using the jog wheel on the D-pad, is nice... and because the phone is so powerful, there is hardly and slow down when you use it to scroll through webpages in the OPERA Mini Browser.


-The build is nice, but far from perfect... If I look at my key pad, the home key, is visibly lower (with a bigger crack) than the "back". I can therefore see the grit and dust gathering on it... which is slightly annoying and will probably force me to take the phone back and get a new one.

-The finish (metallic) is beautiful... but is a fingerprint magnet.

-The power button, is placed at the very top... which is not a problem, if I could power the phone on using the "talk" button, like you could iwth the mogul. But alas, you can't power the phone on with any button, but the power button...

-No scroll wheel to go up and down on pages and apps. Which leaves me wonder... how does one scroll through e-mail headers in the Touch-flo3d interface, like one could, in the Touchflo 2.0 interface. You can only open the e-mails, or move on to the next Touch Flo App...

-the picture\photo app is a little buggy. I took a picture of my daughter and son, and now when ever I scroll through to that picture, it restarts touch flo...

-Battery power... is not very good. It will not go beyond 12 hours idle, without a charge. and if you are using GPS or Wi-Fi, or BT, it dies even faster...

-Once again the camera, does not measure up, in any form or fashion. My wife's LG Fusik takes batter, sharper pictures, with less dithering and fading... Colors looked washed out, unless in direct sunlight on the TP. You can get good CLOSE up stills...if you try real hard.

-There is about 80 megs of the storage memory (available storage memory) missing, by my calculations... and 80 megs of the program memory missing as well. I am greedy, I want it all...lol

-No dedicated camera button...

-Mogul had 14 buttons (including the jog dial and the d-pad)... only 8 for the TPS...

-The teeny weeny sound from the loud speaker. Call quality on the phone is excellent, but once you switch on the speaker phone... I can only say, dissapointing. It sounds loud in a quiet small room, but once outside or amongst people...much is to be desired. I believe it has something to do with the way the phone projects it out of tyhe little slit, as opposed to the normal round speaker mesh on most phones...

-HUGE MINUS... the Bluetooth. Is it me, or does the STEREO BLUETOOTH hang horribly or cauze tremendous, continual lag on any video or audio streamed from the web... And of course, my Blackberry 8700 works perfectly with my car's Factory BT speakerphone, but this phone, just as the Mogul, does not. No once can hear me, once I pickup or make the call, but after I switch from the speakerphone to the headset and then back to the headset, things sound fine...


The phone is beautiful to behold. It is very pretty. I cannot keep it out of my hands. Beautiful CRISP screen with vibrant colors. Glossy screen makes it look better.... nice and bright. Lots of ram, means no longer having to reset the phone in the middle of anything.
The new Dialer is very very very nice... the World Card app is beautiful and works almost flawlessly.
The onscreen keyboard is nice aswell... almost makes me want to get a diamond, except the screen realestate is not so much, when "Squunched up" like it is.

This phone is a winner. No, out of the box, it is not an Iphone killer. THe iphone, as my boss who played iwth my phone, just works, and works flawlessly... with the multitouch and intuitiveness. But this phone, runs a close 2nd...
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