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teradog 06-28-2010 08:56 PM

Pre/Post ROM flash tasks+Backup/restore, Start 2 Finish Guide+Android*ENERGY
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START TO FINISH: ** I swore I was going to document all this someday… **
This is what I do, BEFORE & AFTER burning ANY ROM. A lurkers guide… that someone may want to use all of or part of. Often people post many bits & pieces leaving you to try & figure out the rest… here’s a start to finish guide that I do. *Many of the locations listed below (start\settings..) are specific to Energy ROM, but are often very close...

I. BACKUP: SKIP this step if you don't want to.. Caution using a backup switching between 6.5 & 6.5.x builds, OS version changes, also careful with .reg files, you could be backing up & restoring old bad data over new OS changes that are different. LOTS of discussion lately about backups bringing old problem data over into new builds / ROMs! Many are rebuilding from scratch every time to ensure any bugs/problems/freezing, etc.. isn't part of the backup & restore. Often it is & the ROM is blamed for problems!!
1. Backup your Personal Information with PIM Backup, (in Energy ROM-start, Tools, PIM Backup) choose a storage card directory (storage card\backup), I check all boxes. Settings exporter (EnergyROM same place)
2. Also, use ZBR.exe (Ziggy) to backup stuff (process, select storage card, backup directory) THIS BACKUPS ALL ALL EMAIL ACCOUNTS (ZBR: doesn’t appear to have an exit key, so I hard exit with a taskmanager. Downloads I use both of these below. Go to his website. THANKS ZIGGY! Ziggy’s Apps (4) » Ziggy471's Backup Test App (495)
3. If using Cookie in Sense NOW (prior to burning a new ROM AND you’ll be burning another Cookie ROM then backup Cookie settings & icons; @ the home screen, right softkey “MENU”, Cookie’s Home Tab Editor, “Menu” (again), Export settings, choose same backup directory on storage card. [Manila Mod][19-Jun-2010] Co0kie's Home Tab v1.8.5 - xda-developers ** HIGHLY recommend using a ROM with Cookie (e.g. http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=86489 see post #2)

II. FLASH/BURN a new ROM: GET THE RIGHT ROM! (CDMA = Sprint&Verizon, GSM ("must use" a SIM card)=At&T, T-Mobile)
** One time only: Unlock your phone free: See sticky threads at very top of TP2 either CDMA or GSM threads:
CDMA: Security/HDSPL unlocking, (more info) You only need security/hardSPL/radio unlocker for burning ROMs.
....(If you want to use a GSM SIM card in your CDMA phone in the USA go here. for $20)
** Pull your SD card out on the first bootup until you want to install your cabs, some potential issues if you don't.
** Advanced users only tweak, skip this: Set your page pool (PP) size. Run the page pool changer cab on the .nbh file of your downloaded ROM, make sure you hit "change to" to save your settings! Not a requirement, most ROM's run fine without, (advanced user tweak) Lower=more RAM available for programs & less for OS (operating system)
Example: 12pp will let you multitask & have many tabs in Opera, 20pp will give you a snappier Sense.

1st: Run “task29” Task 29 (3831): (NOT a requirement) It clears out old ROM stuff, put phone in bootloader mode (take off back cover, hold vol down & off button @ same time then push 3rd button at same time - red reset button with stylus, should come up to a multi colored screen), run task29.exe from PC (USB connected to bootloaded mode TP2), let finish, phone will eventually display “Touch Pro 2” & stay there… manually put in bootloader mode again & go to next step.

2nd: Burn fav ROM (mine is Energy), download.. expand to a directory, plug in phone to USB on computer (after in bootloader above), run RhodiumCDMA_SoftwareUpgrade.exe & wait 5 min until it finishes burning ROM.
OR build your own from a kitchen here. Really pretty easy to do. Would recommend this if you like to jam pack your TP2 with tons of apps & still want Opera or IE to load large pages or do multiple tabs. Stock ROMs may have a bunch of the 'cooks' fav apps you never use in them, taking up memory. (Palringo, Sprint TV, etc)

Let it reboot, first time is VERY slow. Possible wait on a blank screen for a full minute or two... & then could be several minutes on other screens.... (not normally... but) PATIENCE!! After the phone boots up, at this point some people even go into start(winkey), settings, system & run "wipe device" just to ensure it's cleaned up from old ROM's.

III. Install Apps & Cabs: EITHER A OR B below
A. Install all of your personal fav cabs to your storage card! I do it from a pre-downloaded \storage card\cab directory or from your PC during active sync (I don’t do it during active sync) Some of my favs not included in Energy ROMS: MSVoice command, GPSWeather Radar, Skyfire, Sprint keyboard fix, Sprint TV, Sprint TV & NAV tab, WKtaskL_1202 (visually always shows running programs icons in useless top left area to left of icons (data, phone, speaker, battery)), , …
** Check out this link for downloads & info about Sprint TV: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=101089

B. Restore your pre ROM FLASH backup using Shashimi OR XDA_UC (SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU DIDN'T BACKUP ANYTHING ABOVE:smile: Get shashimi from XDA, install it, use a file manager & put in all your fav cabs in storage card\sashimi\auto\cab\sc (StorageCard directory).
*Shashimi: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=101422 (http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/attachment...4&d=1265400827) thanks B&Td
1. Copy all of the XML files from the ZBR backup (from the storage card backup directory you used) into the Storage Card\sashimi\auto\xml directory (these are all your backups & email accounts!). You can also put the 2 .reg files from the ZBR backup into the storage card\reg directory, but I DON”T, it always screws up SENSE.. it no longer ever comes up. OR into XDA_UC directories.
2. Run storage card\sahimi\program\2577\autorun.exe, choose “auto” OK, let it run, it’ll install all cabs to SD card, don’t restart via a .cab prompt, wait until it ends & you see a GIANT YES, then hit OK & let it reboot. (if it doesn’t finish, reboot, run the exe file again & choose auto, it’ll ask you if you want to resume).
OR run XDA_UC (Energy ROM is auto & asks you post flash).
3. Run PIM Backup (start*winkey*, tools, PIMBackup, restore pull down, Browse, expand Storage card, select your backup directory, & choose the correct dated PIM backup file (if more than one). DONE, done, done… takes a while….
4. If using Cookie Sense mod on your PREVIOUS ROM & you backed up all icons, tabs & settings.. AND you just burned/flashed another Cookie ROM then RESTORE Cookie settings & icons; @ the home screen, right softkey “MENU”, Cookie’s Home Tab Editor, “Menu” (again), Import settings, choose same backup directory on storage card, (.., .., storage card, backup dir) double click the “Cht” file (if not there… find where you put it..) OK, menu, exit… wait for Sense to launch..

Now most of your stuff will be done. Your emails accounts will prompt you for the passwords as they check mail (send/receive).
This is the ONLY way I’ve found so far to get MOST stuff restored. If you have an easier way, please let me know…

IV. SETUP & Tweek: THINGS I SETUP After burning a ROM (often SEEMINGLY NO MATTER WHICH SET OF BACKUP/RESTORE PROGRAMS I USE: If you get your backups all setup right, most of these should be done during restore. ** below are things I like, you may not **
1. 1a. Start (windows key), settings, personal:
· Buttons, (2. Assign a program) Voice command; select (very top right arrow/delay before 1st repeat slider bar) move 1/3 to right & repeat rate slider to ½ way, OK; long press end key=always display quick list
· Input, (input method pull down box) Swype
· Phone, (set fav ringer), (very top right arrow 2x to “CDMA Services”), Time Synch/Get settings, uncheck box (old trick, keeps active sync from being on all the time), OK
· Voice Command, Notifications, select middle of top 3 circles (announce bluetooth if available), uncheck only during freetime, OK
· Voice Command, Options: Messaging (uncheck high priority box), OK , phone, options (announce incoming calls), OK (you can now go either BACK 2 STEPS under “PHONE” above & turn off ringer… OR, into your sense bottom slider, settings, sound & display & turn off your ringer, your phone will tell you whos calling (I personally to a modem ringer, ring once, then it keeps announcing who’s calling.) OK, back, back
** check this link for download & info regarding VOICE: Voice Command, Tellme, Bing, Google Maps: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=106097

1b. Make active sync & usb connection work: start, settings, connections, USB to PC, UNCHECK "Enable faster data syn" (under ActiveSync). Done, back, back..
1c. Set email footer (sent by my HTC TP2): Sense slider to email, menu, inbox, menu, tools, options, bottom right softkey "signatures". Set for each account without leaving this area, via the account drop down box & check "Use signature with this account".\
Also: Use storage card to store email attachments: (slider to email, menu, inbox, menu, tools, options, very top left arrow to storage, check box.
1d. Turn off vibration! Sense slider to settings, Sound & display, pg down to "Notification sounds", tap on each event for another menu (Reminders, New emails, Voice mail, missed call) you can set your sounds here, but most important you can turn vibration on/off at the very top of each event.
1e. Set default download directory: Use the program "Advanced Config". (in "Energy ROMs", start (winkey), tools, advanced config) Locations, Default storage location for downloads (&image, audio, video files), I set it to "storage card, downloads".
1f. Quite startup sound: Advanced config, HTC Animation, startup Wav, default
1g. Change apts to Monday 1st day of wk, slide sense to Calendar, menu, settings
1h. Run your ROM's carrier provisioning typically in a cab or built into the settings or tools menu (Energy=start, tools, Carrier provisioning ICON, choose your ISP

2. Manually move backed up files from storage card to main memory on TP2:
* Copy/make additional .lnk files so programs show up when you press the windows key. Using “Total Commander OR File Explorer” copy a storage card\backup\myfavlnk files directory to \windows\start menu\programs that point to tons of already installed programs on my storage card AND exe files on storage card, AND links to many windows directory exe files (fieldtrial, frogger, haret, invaders, pocketnester, pruler, qcalc, sktools, etc..) You obviously have to create this directory & make or find links prior. Find: search your TP2 \windows directory for *.lnk files & copy to your SD card (storage card/lnkbackupfiles choose your own name).
* Create .lnk files: I use “Total Commander”, find & highlight .exe file you want, FILE, right arrows, create shortcut, put in a backup directory on your “storage card” (micro SD card). e.g. \storage card\backups
· (not necessary if using PIM backup & restore)

* Enable voice command of all IE favorites/bookmarks. 1a. Either active sync with a PC at this point, or 1b. copy a premade \storage card\favorites directory to \windows\favorites to get all your bookmarks
·2. Copy \windows\favorites to \windows\start menu\programs (the entire directory) & after a reboot, you can hold down the phone off hook/talk (green) button, wait for the voice command ascending beep beep, & then speak, “open” (favorite bookmarkname). Example: open traffic, open traffic cams, open 2 94 at 4 94 (you can check your metro route for traffic issues with one single voice command, it’ll even open presaved bookmarks with the individual camera! Make sure you save any road over 99 in 2 parts as above (494=4 94)

*Copy batterylevel.exe or the .lnk file to it, to \windows\startup, DELETE arkswitch while your there.

3. Manually tweak some installed programs
A. Start, GPS, QuickGPS, ck box #1, Yes, Ck box#2, yes, uncheck box 3, download (manually the first time), Done Error, Location setting must be on… exit the program & do it all again, it’ll work FINE ( I have no idea why...) Worst case, go into start, settings, personal, phone, arrow over until you see location in a list, choose set location on..
· HTC GPS Tool, open port, start test, let run for a while,.. close (suppose to make gps fix quicker)
Also, slider to settings, "other", AGPS, enable

B. · Startup Google Maps, menu, settings, use gps…. Press blue dot to center on your position: Menu, layers, (traffic & or satellite)

C. Sense slider to Settings (far right), Choose "Sound & Display", scroll down to Display, "Backlight", touch it, check "Automatically adjust backlight" (extends battery)
* IF YOU WIFI TETHER (use phone for your internet connection)& your wifi gets disconnected when screen shuts off: 1. ** also in settings, "Sound & Display", "Backlight", scroll down to "On External Power" (uncheck "Turn off device if not used for", DONE, Back, it always disconnects your data session! OR 2. Download "keepwifion" cab (somewhere in ppcgeeks)

D. If you want screenshots of your webpages to show up in BOTH cookie quicklinks favorite icon AND in the internet sense slider tab, pull up the webpage first in internet explorer.

V. ANDROID ON YOUR TP2 (and Windows at the same time)
* Install Android! Yes, on the TP2 SD card... just too awesome.. newbies can do to!
Simple Guide: ANDROID TP2 CDMA TIPS/FAQ’s Sept. 2010 (click this link)

If you use this link to download the .cab file, it does EVERYTHING for you!!!
http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=114400, READ! ..then look for the giant green "DOWNLOAD" on the bottom of post #1.
Make sure you always hit the THANKS button for all these downloads!!
That will bring you to another web site.. (google.. android .. get it?)
Look for the most recent cab (easiest) & click on "view" to download.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

VI. TWEAKS & TIPS (more)
* GOTO Homescreen quick tap win key 2x quickly or 1 time slight pause & then 2 times.
* Delete: Storage Card\Application Data\HTC folder before or after burning a new ROM.. OR, right now if you're having issues with stuff!!

What are the Windows OS builds 6.5 vs 6.5x? SYS/MSXIPKernel/XIP.bin

PROBLEMS with your TP2 only you are having & can't get rid of?
1. Usually running task29.exe between ROM flashes fixes everything.
2. Others flash to a stock ROM & then flash a new ROM.
3. Many go into settings (system) & choose "WIPE device"
Best bet do all 3!! BUT, I had an issue 6 task29's wouldn't fix... what did?
##786# WAIT 5 seconds, (choose) reset, (put in your msl) If you call sprint & tell them your having issues & your phone is real buggy, either ask for your msl or ask the rep to walk you through running ##786# as you read it will fix your phone. If that agent won't do it, call back & get another... That fixed an unreal string of issues I was having.

EASY Reset button access: Drill a hole using 1/16 bit precisely 8mm under vol down button & 2mm from edge, drilling from outside-in with block of wood behind it. Mark it & visually line it up taking cover on & off a couple times to ensure you marked it right first. 2 min.
** Hot Pin (heat over stove) held by pliers does same thing I guess... Melts plastic, gives nice hole.

1. If you use cookie (CHT) & it's running slow, turn off animation & stuff, also don't put music player on any of your cookie screens. Home, menu, cookie home tab editor, Misc settings (animation-none, disable double & min ON, NO HD wallpaper, disable sun rays, etc..)
2. Don't use ANY wallpaper on ANY screens

1. Over Clock your TP2 here, use WiMoSpeed
2. Increase your internet speed Tip TOuch PRo Tested - xda-developers there's a lot of discussion about bandwidth & negative.. but it does allow web pages to load faster (due to more channels @ same time (not bandwidth).
http://media.xda-developers.com/images/attach/cab.gif SH4Ys Raphael Net Speed Boost.CAB
It's logically not suppose to speed up anything other than web browsing... but my eyes are telling me a very different story!! liquid browsing! "This tweak improves browser pipelining."...
People are reporting speed doubling!! Mine has browsing for sure.. you thought OC was something? Now add this!!!!!
For Opera, double these: xda-developers - View Single Post - Increase your internet speed Tip TOuch PRo Tested
**I've been doing this on my laptop for a LONG time: Use DNS &

- Buy new batteries, 2000mah: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/1918312-post23316.html
- EVO batteries fit: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/1918312-post23316.html, 2 EVO batterys, another link
- NEW MAXX battery savings info & cabs linked @ bottom of this post: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/1936525-post24589.html
- WMLongLife settings.http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/1973132-post26874.html
- Does a white theme or background use more battery then a black one? NO
- Charging Batteries Using USB Power Not charging? Probs w/ car charging? Ton's of info on USB charging..or lack of.

* SD CARDS: Buy at least an 8 gig micro SD card (under $20).. they have 32 Gb cards out now…
** Make sure any & all micro SD cards you buy above 2 Gb are class 6. Big C with 6 in middle. C2=2mb/sec, C4=4mb/s, C6=6mb/s

* Best Task Manager? Always want to see what programs you have running & select them visually? Use Wktask taskmanager. Config: 21xxx ROMs use as installed, 235xx config the top menu bar: Start, wktask, menu(bottom right softkey), preferences, ck 1st & last box, set left edge to 0 & right offset to 260; (click General2 bottom tab) uncheck all boxes; (Actions tab) set tap & tap & hold to “Do nothing”; (actions tab) uncheck “use a skin”, check “reduce the buffers”; OK your done. You can push any task to change to it, or close it & you always know what’s running! I usually hold the empty looking box on top (home), it comes up with a menu, click “settings for..”, hide always.

* Garmin XT: Map detail most, auto zoom, metro areas, etc.. You can buy Garmin & basemaps & use your phone just like a GPS from the SD card! No phone or data connection required. (Google & Bing require an active data connection to download the maps constantly)

VII. Double your RAM, MULTITASKING, speed
120 MB of RAM FREE!! Want it??? Follow A.Use a startmenu replacement AND B.sense replacement
A. START MENU replacements 90 MB FREE
1. Quick Menu
2. MMAppLauncher
3. OCMan (kenya1234 mod),
4. FDCSoft start menu
To easily undo this & restore original start menu (win key) simply attached cab at bottom, works perfect:
From here: (i think.. I renamed it so I could ID in in my file manager): xda-developers - View Single Post - OCMan new Start menu Replacement(WVGA,VGA) _ Sense _ 5 columns....
Attached @ bottom: Restore Start menu.cab
***STARTMENU removal is now built into Energy ROM's

Energy ROM's now have 5 start menu optionsbuilt into each ROM, 3 of which give you at least 90 MB of FREE RAM!!
"Start Menu Layout Switch (SMLS): start(winkey), settings, start menu layout switch
1. Normal: 73 MB free *default with NRG's great signature startup menu
2. List View: 72 MB free
3. Panel**: 97 MB free *** MY FAV BY FAR (OCMan like)
4. CSM**: 95 MB free (settings, startmenu layout)(Compact Start Menu... quick menu w/ mods)
5. Sense**: 97 MB free (EITHER start(winkey), settings, other, SMLS OR slider to settings"
OR, If not wanting to use NRGZ28 Energy ROM's:

B. Sense Replacement (main screen & menu aka "Today" screen) also called HOME menu replacements: 110 MB + FREE
120 MB of RAM? Use a startmenu replacement above AND a sense replacement:
**HOW? Uncheck Sense: Start(winkey), Settings, Home (sometimes under personal), >> Items, Uncheck Sense (then check a preinstalled menu you want or, check "Windows Default", or leave blank & use a preset / preinstalled "startmenu" above which will also allow you to select all your programs & settings via the hard or soft winkey.
4 Phone Menus (Sense Replacements save RAM!) right here : ~takes me seconds to jump between 4 different home menus, all very small footprint (except Sense/Cookie)
settings, home (or personal then home), >> items, Check the one you want below
1. Cookie + Sense- download & burn a cookie ROM will have Sense ck'd by default
2. Titanium, Simply check "Windows default" (on the same ROM you're on)
3. iphone today** (ignore the horrible name :>)) DL, install then select ck box
4. Easy today** DL, install then select ck box GTX inspired Icon theme: ~thanks ooxteme

Here is a list of the cabs I install (auto-every flash via sushimi or you can do them one by one)
*** NOT needed with new Cookie 2 & Energy ROM start menu remover (20+megs more RAM)
Installed to main memory: Directory of E:\SASHIMI\Auto\CAB
Arto Start menu Remover wm6.5.x.com ***
At0mAng Enhanced D3D Driver.cab
SSK TP2 Dynamic Resource Proxy.cab
Quick.Menu.v2.8.414.1614.cab ***
NEW_Maxx134_Complete_BatterySaving_RegEdits_NoSD_c hange2.cab
num5kull's complete_panel_remove.cab ***
Sprint Keyboard Fix.cab *** (included in Energy Sprint provisioning on new ROMs)
Stock Volume Sounds.cab
Wi-Fi on in Standby.cab
X-button enabler 2.cab ***
(* the last three set some reg edits for you... I renamed them with a z in front to get them to load last on sushimi restore, look for them on the OC links I provided without the z.)

Installed to SD card: Directory of E:\SASHIMI\Auto\CAB\SC
AIO_DDT_WP_6.5.x_CHT.CAB (2nd today detailed weather)
htcAddicts cleanRAM v1.8 EnglishOnly.cab
Hypnotic2010 TellMe.cab
Johcos' DINIK Anastasia EndKey Replacement with RAM
Sprint TV 1.7.2108582.cab

Where do I get all these programs? (.cab files?), here's a good start.
Energy: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/misc.php?d...hments&t=86489
Mighty Mike: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/misc.php?d...hments&t=79579
Official Favorite cabs Thread, Cabs

You can go to the beginning of any forum section (HTC TP2) & look for a paperclip next to a thread (topic), click on it & you'll get a list of all the attached cab files (software programs) for that thread.
If you can't find them here or there..., use the top black bar search button or this one below!! PLEASE!!!
Search http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/images/misc/menu_open.gif Put in keyword/s & click "Search Now" button

Here's a couple other nice posts with steps others take:
[HOW-TO] - - Flash a Rom or Radio and re-locking on your TP2 from the SD card
Flashing Instructions to Ensure Full ROM Functionality
Additional TIPS common questions, and helpful info (DaveTN)

Thanks to all the developers, chefs, cooks, etc.. I take no credit for anything here, just trying to share some insight from hundreds of hours of experience. (it's a hobby) :>))

quantumtransfer 06-28-2010 09:12 PM

Re: Pre & Post ROM flash tasks - Backup/restore, TONS of stuff todo (noobs guide) ENE
Great job, that explains a little bit of questions I had with some things... being new to the tp2 community,however i am familar with the HTC dream quite abit. Thanks again for this guide. I think it should save alot of head ache and confusion...

rstoyguy 06-29-2010 09:26 PM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN
Moved to the Touch Pro 2 forum.

Nice post! However, please refer to: Sticky: MUST READ - A Change To UPGRADE Forums

teradog 06-29-2010 10:47 PM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN

Originally Posted by rstoyguy (Post 1844679)
Moved to the Touch Pro 2 forum.

Nice post! However, please refer to: Sticky: MUST READ - A Change To UPGRADE Forums

Ha! Yea, thought I was... one level too far. Thanks!

joeadamo 06-30-2010 09:09 AM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN
Thanks - - lots of good information!!

Thanked you!

boredandtattooed 06-30-2010 11:19 AM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN
LMAO, no offense OP, but thats hardly Lurker friendly...

and if you learned how to use sashimi or UC or how to backup your REG/settings, youd never have to manually move anyfiles(or select your keyboard) anywhere, ever again, after loading a new rom..

youve got alot to learn still little grasshopper

teradog 06-30-2010 09:20 PM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN
Ha! (hardly lurker friendly) It use to say "Noob" :>)) I changed it... to lurker. Feel free to document some additional reg restores & sashimi info, I'm sure people would appreciate it.

boredandtattooed 07-02-2010 06:45 PM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN
everything sashimi: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=101422

1454 07-04-2010 10:41 PM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN
Can you link to the ZBR.exe you speak of. I searched both google and XDA and came up empty. Google only had random, non relevant links, and XDA said nothing could be found.

teradog 07-08-2010 10:22 AM

Re: Pre/Post ROM flash tasks - Android,Backup/restore, TONS of stuff*Lurkers guide*EN

Originally Posted by 1454 (Post 1851658)
Can you link to the ZBR.exe you speak of. I searched both google and XDA and came up empty. Google only had random, non relevant links, and XDA said nothing could be found.

Love Ziggy app as it's just too easy & simple. Toughest part is copying the xml files over with file explorer for sashimi restore!! Ha!

I use both of these below. Go to his website. THANKS ZIGGY!
Ziggy’s Apps (4) »

  1. Task 29 (3831)
  2. Ziggy471's Backup Test App (495)
will update post #1 with hyperlinks soon..

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