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Old 04-26-2008, 04:29 PM
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Someone who knows how to edit Home Screens

Can someone help me with a home screen xml

I have a home screen im using, i want to rearrange some plugins.

i dont understand what to put where, i have tried moving things around and it doesnt work on the phone.

The Home screen is called Prosper X Reloaded.

I want Carrier Time and date line at the end of the code to be directly under the phonealarm line. I have tried everyting.

Can someone who knows what they are doing look at this original code and change it and post the correct code and ill paste it in the xml and try again???

here is the code original

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<title>Prosper-X Reloaded</title>
<default target-width="240" target-height="320" font-face="Segoe Condensed" bgcolor="transparent" font-weight="normal" />
<background bgimage="\Application Data\Home\Prosper-X Reloaded\Prosper-X Reloaded.jpg" bgimage-rotated="\Application Data\Home\Prosper-X Reloaded\Prosper-X Reloaded.jpg" valign="top" />

<color name="COLOR_WINDOW" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="COLOR_WINDOWTEXT" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_STATIC" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="COLOR_STATICTEXT" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_HIGHLIGHT" value="#3FA0C6"/> <!-- selection -->
<color name="COLOR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="COLOR_HIGHGRADLEFT" value="#3FA0C6"/> <!-- selection -->
<color name="COLOR_HIGHGRADRIGHT" value="#3FA0C6"/> <!-- selection -->
<color name="COLOR_MENU" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="COLOR_MENUTEXT" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_GRAYTEXT" value="#AAAAAA"/>
<color name="COLOR_GRADLEFT" value="#EDEDED"/> <!-- menu left 1 -->
<color name="COLOR_GRADRIGHT" value="#EDEDED"/> <!-- menu right 1 -->
<color name="COLOR_INTGRADLEFT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <!-- menu left 2 -->
<color name="COLOR_INTGRADRIGHT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <!-- menu right 2 -->
<color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT" value="#70C4E6"/> <!-- topbar -->
<color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADRIGHT" value="#70C4E6"/> <!-- topbar -->
<color name="COLOR_TRAYTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="COLOR_WINDOWFRAME" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_BTNFACE" value="#70C4E6"/> <!-- softkeys -->
<color name="COLOR_BTNTEXT" value="#555555"/>
<color name="COLOR_SCROLLBAR" value="#AAAAAA"/>
<color name="COLOR_ALERTWINDOW" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="COLOR_ALERTTITLE" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_ALERTRULE" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_HOMETEXT" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_HOMERULE" value="#0"/>
<color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT" value="#3FA0C6"/> <!-- selection -->

<!-- Plugins -->

<!-- phoneAlarm -->

<plugin clsid="{FF353985-55C2-4a6c-9682-0CFB923D5C7A}" name="phoneAlarm" height="20" />

<!-- Global Facade Settings -->

<facade skin="\Application Data\Home\Prosper-X Reloaded\"
IconLoadDelay="1" ClearType="1" BlendColor="#FFFFFF" BlendPercent="35"
SelectionColor="#FFFFFF" SelectionBorderColor="#FFFFFF" ShowSelectionBorder="1"
font-size="15" font-weight="normal" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#000000"
ShowCompleted="1" Wraparound="1" LauncherArrows="0" Show="both" TabBorders="0" RowPadding="0"
MaxDays="14" MaxLines="15" UndatedFirst="1" ShowIndicators="1" AlwaysShowToday="0" ShowEmptyDays="0"
ShowSeparatorLine="0" ShowDateToday="1" ShowAllDayText="1" ShowTodayText="1" ShowTomorrowText="1"
ShowNoAppointmentsText="0" ShowUndatedHeading="1" ShowOverdueHeading="1" LinesPerEntry="1"
MinutesPastAppointment="15" ClickAction="Prompt" UseTabImages="1" UseLauncherImages="1" >

<!-- Facade Launcher - 1st row -->
<plugin clsid="{C49CEC80-D445-407C-AA72-C263EDBBAC96}" id="FacadeLauncher Row1" type="Launcher" height="60"
ColumnPadding="1" padding-top="2" padding-bottom="1" >
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\addrbook.lnk" image="Contacts" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\calendar.lnk" image="Calendar" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\Camera.exe" image="Camera" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\pie.lnk" image="Internet" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\WMPlayer.lnk" image="My Music" />

<!-- Facade Launcher - 2nd row -->
<plugin clsid="{C49CEC80-D445-407C-AA72-C263EDBBAC96}" id="FacadeLauncher Row2" type="Launcher" height="60"
ColumnPadding="1" padding-top="2" padding-bottom="2" halign="center" >
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\tmail.lnk" image="Messaging" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\settings.exe" image="Settings" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\calc.lnk" image="Calculator" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\pimg.lnk" image="My Photos" />
<button type="run" h="55" w="60" command="\Windows\tasks.lnk" image="My Tasks" />

<!-- Facade Schedule View -->

<plugin clsid="{C49CEC80-D445-407C-AA72-C263EDBBAC96}" id="FacadeSchedule" type="Schedule" height="50" landscapeHeight="50"
TextIndent="8" LineIndent="12" padding-top="17" padding-bottom="1" padding-left="3" padding-right="3"
SelectionColor="#2B9ECC" BlendPercent="65" >
<heading font-weight="bold" />

<!-- Time, Date, Carrier -->

<plugin clsid="{E09043DF-510E-4841-B652-388316977A7A}" file="sysplug.dll" height="23" >
<time y="2" fgcolor="#000000" font-size="22" halign="center" />
<date y="6" fgcolor="#000000" font-size="16" halign="right" padding-right="5" />
<label y="6" fgcolor="#000000" font-size="16" halign="left" padding-left="5" >
<text><carrier /></text>

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