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Old 03-18-2009, 06:13 AM
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Updating your GSM Device...



As I could not see much information here about updating to a custom ROM for GSM users I thought I would provide some basic information and resources. I would suggest you search and read information on other sites that can help you if you are uncertain what to do to flash your GSM Diamond - and I have not provided links to other forum websites or taken any information from the resources available, as I'm not sure if this is allowed. (Mods can confirm)

All I'll provide is easy steps to get going - which any intelligent person should be able to follow. I should be around to answer any questions you may have about the process. So here goes.

1) Get yourself Hard SPL'ed (OliNex1.93 (Link to my RapidShare) there are other versions, but this works well. download and un-packed, then launch RUU and follow the instructions).

2) Pick a GSM Custom ROM (there are so many to select from due to the popularity of the Diamond. But I would recommend this one [ROM][WWE][JAN18] Shaks.P v3.20 UC Compliant Official 2.03 Base (link to Mirror)

Again, download and un-packed, There are two methods to get this on your device.

2a) Like step 1 - Launch (Custom) RUU and follow instructions
2b) (The best/safest and quickest way). Rename the .NBH file to DAIMIMG.NBH and copy to your devices internal storage. Restart your handset and quickly keep the "Volume Down" and the "Back Button <--" held down until the device goes beyond the Bootloader (RGB screen) then follow the instructions.

3) Restart, customize and enjoy...

DISCLAIMER: This guide is exactly what it means, a guide. By following the procedures in this guide the manufacturers warranty will be made void. By following any of the procedures in this guide YOU take responsibility for any loss of data or faults which occur after any of the procedures here are carried out.
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  PPCGeeks > Windows Mobile > WM HTC Devices > HTC Diamond > GSM Diamond Development

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