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Re: Treo Pro Reviews (Quick Review after 5 minutes)

I only had 5 minutes with the phone and so far I am fairly impressed. This does not have the beautiful VGA screen as the Diamond or TP, but it is good enough and I would gladly trade this screen for the perceived improvement in battery life. The hardware design is very sleek and stylish, it seems lightyears beyond the normal Palm designs (i.e. Centros and older Treos). Must be because HTC had a hand in designing this puppy. =D>

The things that impressed me most after only holding it for 5 minutes is the added software. This comes preloaded with FlashLite, that is right I watched YouTube and video from the San Francisco 49ers website directly through PIE. Skyfire was not needed for that. There is also a mouse pointer when using PIE. Really useful when clicking smaller links.

The MMS that is installed is our beloved Arcsoft MMS, works flawlessly with preloaded Sprint MMSC server information (I am hoping someone can soon rip it for the Diamond and TP). This is a big upgrade over the Verisign Picturemail crapp, sorry I meant app, that was preloaded in the Diamonds and TPs.

Lastly, one of the other things I noticed most was the simple yet effective Keyguard. Press Red or Power key to turn off screen and disable keys. Press Power or Red key and then press center key to enable keys and touchscreen. Very effective, hard to accidently press two keys in sequence while it is in your pocket but simple enough to quickly unlock when it is needed. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make it great.

If you bought this phone or are planning to, from what I have seen after 5 minutes I think you will be very satisfied. It seems to have all of the things that we have come to know and love/hate from Windows Mobile. Along with these surprising preinstalled features. I will check back in after I have had more time with the phone. Mahalo!
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