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Re: TF3D HD port 2/18/09 update

Originally Posted by fat boy View Post
1. dont tap, it loads on its own, just watch. this is mentioned in posted in #1
2. there is no working Landscape in the HD port and you are confusing it with the TP2 port BUT thats NOT out yet and so there is NO landscape yet. Be patient. Read post 1.
3 you did not follow the instructions in post 1. and/or you have customized and screwed it.
4. Post 1 tells you the cab to search for. IF you cant find it I will post when I get home tonight.
5. NO world clock for HD, that is in TP2 and it is NOT out yet, thats why you don't see it in post 1.
can you give me the landscape cab. i really need it. thanks