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Re: TF3D HD port 1/23/09 update

fat boy, just a quick synopsis. using a stock Sprint rom..

1. your using the first version with all the update only not the 1.8 1 ?

2. the weather tab has a fix...?

3. do you know if you can still change out the task bar icons...?

4. if the HD set not working correctly you can uninstall by do a hard reset..this will take the phone back to the stock TF3d.

5 deleting the weather cab in post 144 will fix adding you city..?

6. installing "hd additional cab" will make the customizing tab not work, but you ca change the tab in the manila file itself..

not to sound like a total noob. im looking into this and might do it. just want to be able to customize my phone the same way with the stock set up...

thanks fatboy