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Re: WM6.1 build 20931 kitchen

Originally Posted by gguruusa View Post
Why would you even post such drivel? If it'll fit and run on the apache, it'll be released. I'd have thought that'd be obvious. I don't know why your builds had poor performance, but my 20931 runs fine.
I've done plenty of tests and nothing beat 20755. And to be honest, 20755 as constructed by the kitchen wasn't all that great with the patch work. It worked much better with patches omitted, built, and safe mode booted, then rebooted.

I would love to see the day that 21109 makes it to your kitchen. I'm sure you will get to it... eventually... but my point was that there has been little activity lately and I would just be surprised to see any more. All the activity now seems to be in the TP...
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