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can any help with my black screen of death please?

Hi everyone...i have owed a sprint tp2 in one shape or form since 2011. love the phone...anyway i am having severe standby of death issues...everytime my display goes off for whatever reason be it in call, power button, screen timeout, ect. the screen does not come back on...i have researched several leads such as hard ware software and sleep of death...its wierd becacause even though the screen doesnt display...the touchscreen and everything still work...the hardware keys light up...wakes up when i slide the keyboard out and other than that when the screen is on everything is normal...i have tried flashing different roms including flashing back to stock before custom roms...i have also tried task 28 and task 29 although im not entirely sure if im doing it 100 percent although our rhodium is not a phone for the average newbie and ive been pretty good about figuring things out and staying on point...well if anyone can even point me in the direction of somewhere i can be pointed in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated...thanks.
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