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Re: Phone can't sleep after playing music And no sound after incremental kernel updat

I don't use Bluetooth at all and it's off in Windows mobile. I have never even enabled it in Win Mo. I even began using task manager to kill the bttrayce.exe process in Win Mo before booting to Android to avoid any complications. So I assume that means it's off in Windows before booting to Android but if not I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of any bluetooth issues because I don't use bluetooth for anything.

I haven't tried the built in music player in Android because I don't keep music on my phone and only stream music. None of the streams I listen to have been able to be opened by the native music player. It always says the type of stream is not compatible. I also checked Pandora for a BT setting but didn't find anything in there.

If the sleep issue is being caused by music streaming, then I may just have to live with rebooting after listening to music. If it turns out I just have one of those issues that's too hard to solve, I'll live with it for now, but I appreciate your help anyway.
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