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Phone can't sleep after playing music And no sound after incremental kernel updates

OK here's my problem. I have a Sprint TP2 that I installed with FRX07.1 a few weeks ago. It seemed to be working fine except that sometimes the battery would drain very quickly and other times it wouldn't. I installed XdaLedRegime to diagnose sleep issues. I set it for amber/awake, off/sleeping. It seemed to sleep just fine most of the time and the LEd would stay off when the screen was off. However after playing Pandora or any other music player, after ending the program and turning the screen off, the amber light would flash on and off. Nothing stopped it and it would continue until rebooting android. If left alone the battery would drain in 2 hours tops so I assumed that meant the phone wasn't sleeping properly. It did this even after using advanced task killer to kill all the running tasks so I knew the music players weren't still running anything in the background. I also had Wifi off, GPS off, background data off for all programs.

So then I decided to try the incremental updates for rootfs, zImage, and the modules. I was able to update rootfs with the latest update just fine. But when I updated zImage and the modules file, I would have no sounds at all. No Ringer, no speaker, nothing. I reverted them back to the files from the original build and the sounds worked fine. I left the rootfs updated with no problem. I even tried this with the incremental updates posted before the latest ones with the same result. To further check this, I did the same update procedure on another Sprint TP2 I have with exactly the same results, no sound with the latest kernel updates.

So here are my questions:

Is there any reason why my phone won't sleep after playing music?
Is there any significance to the flashing amber light in XdaLedRegime as opposed to a constantly lit amber light?
Is there a simple explanation why I get no sounds after doing the incremental updates?

By the way, thank you guys so much for all the help you give and the work you do with these phones.
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