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Re: My next phone will not be Windows! I am going Android

Originally Posted by sircas View Post
I love the HTC product line. Coming from the Pro 2 Windows mobil to a Window phone was not the same. Android O/S is more like the window mobile. I started to get the Android HTC evo 4g or Android HTC Shift. The windows has been alright. I have not been able to get any update let lone Mango to update on the my HTC Arrive.

I upgraded 2 Pro 2 phones for 2 HTC Arrives for me and the wife. My wife likes the Facebook capabilities. I miss the Bells & Wristles. We can not even get our custom ring tone. Customer service for the Window phone/Sprint/Zune sucks!!

We will bite the bullet soon and ebay 2 Android HTC phones (Ev0 4g or Shift)! Definetely no more window phones for me! There was my Rant! Hopefully other have had better luck!

I have notice 1 thing about the HTC Arrive forum: It's Dead over hear compared to the Pro 2 forum. Given all the thread in the Pro 2 forum regarding the HTC Arrive! I believe it has been all around disappointment! Seems like Microsoft was more interested in selling music & snooping in your pics for nuddies!!
Good luck on Android. I went from 5 years loving Windows Mobile (dating back to HTC/Audiovox PPC-6600, then 6700, Mogul, Touch Pro, and Touch Pro 2). I went to Android after the TP2, and had an Evo 4G for a year. If you think going to Android is going to give you an experience closer to WM, you couldn't be more wrong. Plus, you'll want to make sure you pick up an extended battery. If you get 12 hours of battery life from an Android phone with data turned on, you're doing pretty well (and what's the point in having a smartphone if you can't use data?)

Out of curiosity, have you tried taking your Arrives into a Sprint store and saying "Hi, I haven't been able to get the Mango update on this. Could you all install it for me?"
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