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Re: Upgrade from Treo755p

Originally Posted by yankees45us View Post
The transform is a low end phone and I wouldn't recommend it. Most people that start using Android on a low end phone end up not liking Android. I recommend a phone like the evo, Samsung galaxy s2. I'd he wants a keyboard then for now the best choice is the htc arrive which is windows but its still a great phone. If he can get the original evo for under $150 on Ebay or craigslist and save his upgrade for a little longer that may be a better choice as more new phones will be released some which may have a keyboard. Good luck deciding!

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I think the Samsung Galaxy S2 is way overkill for his needs (and its a $200 upgrade price). He probably isn't interested in getting something from eBay or Craig's List, but I'll check. What do you think of the HTC EVO Shift 4G which at the moment is on special for a free upgrade?
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