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Re: Receiving mms on AT&T network

Thanks a lot!

With regard to the mms, which is the main issue, I can send and receive texts, and I can send picture texts, but I just can't receive them. When someone tries to send me a picture text, I just get a text message from my cell number saying "message not found."

I have seen posts from other people with the same problem, but so far it doesn't seem like anybody has found any solution.

With regard to the voicemail, for example, I had a voicemail on friday, which i listened to and deleted. However, the home screen still says 1 new voicemail, and when I bring the phone back from standby, there is a 1 next to the lock symbol. Thanks! Your registry suggestion worked in clearing it, but it would be nice if it worked properly so that I wouldn't have to manually edit it each time. Pulling out the battery and putting it back in also seems to fix the problem (and I will check next time to see whether turning off the phone solves it).
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