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Re: Receiving mms on AT&T network

Glad to help,
I've done most of my work with converting the Fathom to GSM using a t-Mobile sim, but I'll try to help as best I can.
From what you're describing, you're not able to get messages for whatever reason. I am not sure if there are extra settings you need to get your Fathom to accept MMS, and my methods are still kinda sketchy as even I don't understand how half the stuff works.
As per the voicemail problems: are you saying that it tells you that you have either a number of voicemails of that there's an asterisk (*) sitting on the home screen? I haven't gotten far with that either, but there's always the option to just edit the registry and clear the number of voicemails.
The key is: HKCU\System\State\Messages\Voicemail\Unread
Set it to 0 and see what happens. You might also need to change the vmail key too

i'll look into the MMS issue, but in the mean time, check the AT&T TouchPro2 and other Windows Mobile forum sections here and XDA to see if you can find your issue.
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