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Re: iPhone 4S on SPRINT - Questions...

Originally Posted by mikewest View Post
2. Lets be fair here, I agree that most people are still stuck in an anti-apple attitude, as well myself in my Microsucks attitude.... I am sure that there ARE some people who have tried and don't like the iPhone...

It is still possible for people to like or dislike things that others "Think Different"ly about. For example, I had a friend who just loved his neighbors Camaro....He thought I was "jealous" because I told him I don't like Camaros...Sure the Camaro cost a lot more than the Saturn SC2 I drove at the time, but that does not change the fact that I don't like Camaros...It also does not mean that my Saturn was a better car than the Camaro, as I am sure that it was not a "better" car, but I just do not like Camaros. On a side not, the newer Camaros are actually starting to change that.
I agree, i'm just sick of people telling me "should have bought a (insert random android phone here)".

Why? cause that is all you have ever used and all you know??

I have no problem with Android phones, they do things that IOS doesn't do and vice versa. I guess, my point is if ppl are going to bash Iphones or IOS in general, please don't bash it just cause its Apple and its "cool" to hate on Apple.

Idk just my 2 cents
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