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Exclamation God, if you listenin..HELP!

Ok, in all seriousness my phone has gone HAM over the last 2 days and I havent the slightest clue why. Forgive me if there is a thread about what I'm bout to describe already, but:

My phone randomly goes to the dialer menu and places calls by itself. Or sometimes if I'm in my messages, it'll just keep typing the letter gggggggggggg by itself, then it'll stop. One time it pressed the g, the l k j letters by it self too.
My phone did not get wet, nor did it fall or anything. This behavior just started 2 days ago.

Also let me add that I have a tp2, with froyo07 on it. also exhibits strange behavior on the WinMo side too. Like it used to keep pressing the voice dialing thing all the time until I disabled that in WinMo, but it's still occasionally press some undesired keys.

Does anyone have any clue as to what might be causing this. I just want both sides to be back to normal like it was. Oh yeah and I notice that when I load droid, it takes longer than before and also soon as it comes on its saying that i need to force close or wait the activity finder or something like that, because it stopped responding. WTF happened to this genius genius setup i used to have. Please help a sista out!!!!

Thanks in advance.
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