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Originally Posted by CripledCyclone View Post
I learned something new today.
IM GLAD I COULD BRING INFO TO OTHERS ATTENTION ( if ur not being sarcastic )

Originally Posted by gTen View Post
When using 1 click root methods, those usually work by exploiting android..most android devices 2.2 and below use the same method to root..ragecage which is effectively the Droid Dream all android devices root exact same method, the only exception to these simple 1 clicks is HTC and Motorola. Those require their own rooting methods.

Now 2.3 also fixes the droiddream exploit..the problem you have with evo shift is evo shift and other newer HTC phones have a locked and signed bootloader + recovery image..that means every time there is an official make use of it you need to do unsign the bootloader and etc..this is a lot of work..cause if its still signed..the moment you find an exploit and root your phone, then reset your phone your exploit will be erased due to the signed recovery image.

Samsung devices are not locked+signed..hence what we have is the "odin" method..aka we take a modified kernel/recovery and flash it via odin thus achieving easy root..all samsung phones are 100% rootable using this method, you don't even need an exploit.

The principle behind 1 clicks roots requires that there be "minimum" or "no" room for error..all 1 click root is, is a batch job performing multiple imagine if in the middle something goes wrong? the 1 click has to be programmed to account for that. Some processes are too complex even for just a "1 click"..

And yes, other brands have similar tools such as nvidia has NVFlash, HTC has their RUU and etc..but from my experience Odin is the easiest one to use as far as having control.

1) Does samsung give a reason y they dnt lock or sign there bootloader making it easy for u guys to do what u do ..........

2) didn HTC unlock or are unlocking there bootloaders from now on, on all devices or was that only for 3D evo

3) to ur point of samsung neva locking it ... i mean shouldnt it give u guys or even ppl, ( users ) like me to want to stay with samsung just the fact thaT we get 1 CLICK & ODIN saving us time hence 1 CLICK & problems sustained hence ODIN ( BASICALLY A DEVS DREAM ) even tho updates for our epic is sucking right now

WELL TO THIS INFO.. i think the common folk would want to stick to devices using 1 click or ODIN methods .. i think if i had a phone that didnt use odin it would suck how do they change back to stock to look at a NEW rom ... OH WELL really dnt care for that answer now ...

quest brought up for the fact that all these new phones are coming out i want to stick to something that really has the ODIN factor .. cause that saves us all time n pain ..


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