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Re: How to revert back to stock ROM (Sprint)?

Originally Posted by vancomycin View Post
Thanks elesbb

I just installed 6.1WM - okay a lot different in appearance compared to 6.5.
That's okay, as long as I can get some features back that I couldn't find in the custom ROM

1. where's the phone lock? pressed start (upper left) but no lock seen to prevent me from accidentally pressing anything.

2. how can I remove the camera link at the bottom lower right to something else or nothing?

3. I just tried to post a message from 6.1WM TP2 using the opera browser - and I couldn't tap or click on the text field box at all - Somehow a few letters came through but then I couldn't get the field active again with my fingers or stylus. Was there a better browser to use for this OS build?

4. Battery meter display? I swapped to have the clock display in the title bar for all programs and the battery disappeared. - But if I press near this area, (in 6.5 - the battery would be displayed there with a %) - it doesn't show in 6.1 by default when switching out for the clock. Any way of getting the battery to display somewhere?

5. Tried the "windows update" menu option - but there seems to be nothing happening with that.
1. for phone lock u goto start>settings>all settings>buttons>End Key then choose which u want the end key, if its the quick list the lock option will be displayed in the list or u can set it to lock when u press/hold the end key

2. use THIS

3. yea the opera 9.5 was very buggy for text entry, i used internet explorer.

4. there is a cab that will allow the battery and time to display on the taskbar , search for it or someone else will up load it

5. yea for some reason MS was going to release periodic updates but that idea fell through which is why it was removed in 6.5 and some 6.1 custom roms
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