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Re: How to revert back to stock ROM (Sprint)?

Thanks elesbb

I just installed 6.1WM - okay a lot different in appearance compared to 6.5.
That's okay, as long as I can get some features back that I couldn't find in the custom ROM

1. where's the phone lock? pressed start (upper left) but no lock seen to prevent me from accidentally pressing anything.

2. how can I remove the camera link at the bottom lower right to something else or nothing?

3. I just tried to post a message from 6.1WM TP2 using the opera browser - and I couldn't tap or click on the text field box at all - Somehow a few letters came through but then I couldn't get the field active again with my fingers or stylus. Was there a better browser to use for this OS build?

4. Battery meter display? I swapped to have the clock display in the title bar for all programs and the battery disappeared. - But if I press near this area, (in 6.5 - the battery would be displayed there with a %) - it doesn't show in 6.1 by default when switching out for the clock. Any way of getting the battery to display somewhere?

5. Tried the "windows update" menu option - but there seems to be nothing happening with that.

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