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How to revert back to stock ROM (Sprint)?

Hi, I was trying out a Sprint CDMA ROM from above, but I felt that overall in the end that most of the custom ROMs wouldn't suit my everyday needs. That said, I think it was awesome to just preview it.

This will be my first time going back to Sprint Stock ROM so I figured I would get the clarification.

The last thing I noted before HardSPL flashing +Task29'ing from my PC was that I was running : WM 6.5 Professional, CE OS 5.2.21889(21889.5.87).

On the following link : there seems to be 2 Sprint versions there.

I see the link provided here but which file would I exactly need to get it back to its original state? (i.e. to the version I last noted on my phone excluding the PRL update which I will have to redo)

I don't need to relock the phone or anything as I do not plan on selling it (eventually just use it as a wifi device) -

Lastly, the steps I need to go back to my phone's "original state"?

1. Run Task29 from PC
2. Run Stock Sprint ROM from PC?
3. finished? is there anything I need to do afterwards?

I will be doing a PIMbackup/restore before and after via SD card.
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