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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.0.0 Released 03-Dec-2010

Originally Posted by coolpoete View Post
I think overclocking is the last thing I have left to try on this Imagio. Do you have a link to this program?
i havnt used it yet either, but did some research and found the cab earlier today after the last post.

here is a guide, cab can be found in the guide:

let me know how it goes for you. im still debating on doing it...


installed cab, running @ 672mhz, steps 3, load 3|15-30|50%
phone is running much faster/smoother. no SOD or lockups yet, started @ 650, will work up to a higher load if needed...
|HTC Imagio| Overclocked @ 748.8mhz|
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