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Re: [Solved] Ringtone routed to bluetooth headphone only

Originally Posted by aalim View Post
AT LAST found a solution for the problem of mute ringtone from phone speaker when bluetooth handsfree is connected and the ringtone is only heard through headset so i got to miss alot of calls while driving as l dont put headset in my ear all the time.
searching the forums and google for days lead me to a registry entry to disable A2DP to bluetooth:
All credit goes to FENUX from XDA forums who first posted this

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WIDCOMM\Plugin\HandsFr ee]"SupportedFeatures"=dword:000005EF (1519)
This way is enabled and just set to "0" and the A2DP is disabled

and there are further settings from Fenux post in XDA:
0x001 - Three-way calling
0x002 - EC and/or NR function
0x004 - Voice recognition function
0x008 - In-band ring tone capability (this is the relevant one)
0x010 - Attach a number to a voice tag
0x020 - Ability to reject a call
0x040 - Enhanced call status
0x080 - Enhanced call control (I also enabled this one, but I haven't verified it's actually working yet)
0x100 - Extended error result codes

and the original HFP 1.5 codes from

if somebody can write a program to modify these settings it would be great

Hope I could have helped someone

best of luck
Here is your app.
Took me just a couple minutes to throw together, so it isn't professional looking.
It is just a stand alone app (inside a zip - had to zip to upload), so let me know if anyone needs it CAB'd up, otherwise just save it on your Storage Card and run it whenever you want - no need to install.
Please hit thanks or let me know if it needs something else.

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