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Re: Super AMOLED Screen

I have looked at super amoled (samsung galaxy), I played with it at a store while holding an iPhone4 next to it..the difference is night and day. The text doesnt even have to be that small to see how much sharper the iPhone4 retina display is, and how purple/blue the super amoled screen is compared to the iPhone4.

Just the text displayed under icons and widgets looks muddy compared to beautiful crisp fonts on the retina display.

In addition apple manufactured the screen so its basically displaying things on the glass itself..all other screen technologies look as if they are under a thin layer of glass..which they are. But only the Retina display has ever given me the feeling like I am holding a printed photo for example.

Amoled is a good idea, but the fact that they use pentile and have HUGE blue and red pixels and tiny green pixels means that colors will always be too blue, and fine detail is lost.

Whats the point of a high res screen if it uses pentile technology? Its like having a car capable of going 500 MPH but putting cinderblocks on it instead of tires.

IPhone4 has the best smartphone screen ever made..just hold it next to a super amoled phone to see the difference.
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