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Re: Droid Users in Utah?

Originally Posted by The Zune Lune View Post
Thanks for all the feedback from Utah peeps.

I do have a good car charger (I like the iGo chargers) and also picked up an extra battery and a dock that chargers the phone and spare battery.

I wouldn't change my carrier just for the trip. Both my friend and I use Verizon. i know you can sometimes get coverage, even where the map shows none.

My guess is that within Zion and Bryce we might get a weak signal, but not enough to make using the phone worthwhile.

I am hoping to find some crazy spot where you get a couple bars so I can do live streaming video with Ustream from my Droid.

I will probably also get the data tethering plan for the month so we can have internet on the trip out and back on the laptop.
Going on the same question as far as signal goes. I didnt want open a new thread so i figured i would ask here. Im taking a trip to alleghny New york in the moutains. Just like for the trip to utah, the map show very spotty at best so I was wondering if anyone lives out that direction or has been up there with verizon?

and as far as a tethering plan goes for the droid there is none. Just to give you heads up. even though we can teather its against verizon policy so use it spearingly

As always thanks in advance.
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