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Re: [ROM] MyClean-Imagio-Whitestone-21874-Sense2.5-CHT-Mar21 [ROM]

Originally Posted by devlspawn View Post
I love seeing a new ROM, I'll give it a try. Do you live in Utah adortab?
Hi devlspawn, no, i dont live in Utah..

Originally Posted by cis314 View Post
do u have any pictures?
Not yet, ill provide a few...thank you..

Originally Posted by maxtcee View Post
why no 2012?
Hi maxtcee, I used 2011.3030 cause its the one included on the TOPAZ stock rom (I guess!)... since its a similar hardware, i thought it would give less "trouble" to cook and put all together...i dont have the same experience as NRG and others... lol... Ill be posting the kitchen I use in the future... so anyone might be able to change, add and play with it....

Originally Posted by ddeathmetal View Post
Can u cook the Rom with Core 235xx???
I'm and all Imagio owner in My Country using debranded version of Imagio... So plz make sure no Carrier (Verizon, Sprint... or something else) like some NRGZ28 Roms... and with Original Manila 2.5 (no modded skin)
Thnx in advance m8! I luv my Imagio :X:X:X:X
Hi ddeathmetal, not yet... until i learn a bit more.... the roms i posted/"cooked" do have the verizon settings already programmed... cause it seems the majority of imagio owners are on verizon...if you have a cab or instructions on how to set the provision (Wap,MMS) your carrier, i sure can add it to the rom... thank you...

Originally Posted by jbh00jh View Post
ADORTAB, Works fine on Verizon phone , no problems yet. Nice to boot up at 50- 52%.
Also nice to have taskmaster on toolbar instead of the clock.
How do you get into the personal settings to button settings ?
Also how do you get to settings for Sense or default home page ?
Hi jbh00jh, Thank you... im not sure if i understood your questions, would you mind PM me?? Thank you...

Originally Posted by TonyK View Post
Adortab, Nice rom. is this your first. did you have to put Cookie hometab in the kitchen and the taskbar. i did'nt see them in there, if so how?
Hi TonyK, yes, its the first time im playing with the kitchen... the first one do have "Cookie home tab" cooked in along with a few customizations... and the editor link (CHTEditor) is inside the Tools folder.... if you downloaded the second one, its just a plain rom with Sense 2.5...Thank you

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