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Re: Should I buy Sprint Hero?

Yes 2.1 is coming....early Q2 is all we know.

No issues with the trackball here. I rarely use it, but it shows no signs of dirt, or sticking.

Pinch and zoom works pretty good depending on when you use it. If you use it in the middle of the page loading, it's choppy. If you wait for the page to load completely, it is fairly smooth.

I always have ~30mb of available ram. But I'm never low on memory, because android will steal ram from background/non running process, and give that ram to the processes that are running. I always back out of apps, using the back button on the phone, so I have yet to see a memory issue, and I've had the phone since release date (actually the friday before release date).

Battery life has been hit or miss with me. I've had days where I barely use the phone, and it's about to die after 12 hours. Recently, my battery has been performing like a champ, even under rather heavy usage. I am taking calls, downloading videos, text messaging, and I still have plenty of battery at the end of the day. If you go in and out of roaming, or between EV and 1X, you will kill the battery quick.
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