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Re: Custom ROM's\HSPL General Discusion\Requests\Instrucions

Originally Posted by jeff_roey View Post
Thanks for starting this maison. Many of my questions are the same as yours. This unlocker will be my first excursion into unlockers and custom roms.

My question is how successful can I expect to be by grabbing roms made for other devices? What I'm ultimately after is a stock Sense 2.5 rom - no flashy customization: no custom dialers, no themes - like you (I think) I too want to do most of that myself and pick and choose a lttle from here and there.

So, what should I be looking for if I start browsing roms cooked for other devices - or should I steer clear of anything not Imagio specific?

Is there a stock WIN 6.5.3 (I think that's the most current) with a clean Sense 2.5.(whaterver) sitting somewhere that I don't know about? THX!
Definitely DO NOT flash a ROM not made for this phone, it will brick it! With that in mind, have some patients as the chefs will be making ROMS with plenty of choices...
It's OK Ma'am... I'm from the internetz...

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