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Re: [HSPL] Imagio / WhiteStone Hard-SPL

Originally Posted by lafester View Post
where did all the posts go? so this had to drop when i'm out of town. lol. thank you anyway cmonex! this is absolutely great news

now... is there ANY way to flash hspl with only the phones internet connection? i have my laptop and can tether but that is it i know there were tons of questions about this in the tp2 forum but i never saw a resolution.
Can't you just D/L the hspl file, extract and run it? Once it's on your pc/laptop desktop you sync via usb and should be good to go. I tether and have D/l'd the hspl file program to my laptop. I did it this way with my tp2 and it worked fine. I have not tried to install it yet on my imagio tho.
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