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Re: Android/Linux for CDMA Touch Pro 2

Originally Posted by flyers2114 View Post
All files from post one are already extracted and inside the file.....just follow the instructions below and you are off....

just extract the folder and throw it on the root of the card.....if it does not work just move all the files onto the root.....FYI...what I do is add a new folder for all of my current stuff for Winmo and drop all Droid files right into the root...
flyers thanks for doing what you do...salute

I struggled with that folder stuff 2days ago and it didnt work for me. First off I have a 16gb class2 sd evryday winmo sd. Try to dump all winmo stuff in one folder and dump droid stuff to the root of the sd and boot up. It never fully booted the linux command code froze up. It looked like it was trying to read the stuff in the winmo folder and locked up. I think the cabs files are the problem. Im trouble shooting now with the winmo folder thing. I think the solution is no cabs just media(movies and music)basics in the winmo folder. It trail and error time, the good thing is I dont think you can brick your device. Worst case softreset or hardreset.

So what it seems the outcome will eventually be in the future is to fully modd your ROM , then remove cab files and winmo exe stuff from sd, only leaving normal media (music and movies) then dump droid file on it. Or store winmo stuffs straight to device memory... and keep sd free for droid business...

This post is based on me trying alot of different thing re: winmo stuff on sd while trying to boot Android.

Big Dogs pls chime in...
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