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Re: |R|6.5.5|ROM|WWE| ★ Energy "Leo" 23542/21892 |Mar 7| ★ Sense 2.5.2012 / MaxManil

Originally Posted by alfredo-x View Post
just in case anyone is wondering why i wanted the 1% driver removed and replaced with a 10% increment driver, it's because everything your device does is done with electric signals, including the reading of your battery levels. so if you're polling the battery to tell you how much charge it has left, you are actually using the battery's energy to calculate the amount of charge left and display it to you.

now if you think about it, if the driver is going to display you some accurate 1% increments, it will have to poll the battery at least a couple of times every 2-4 min., whereas if it only has to display status in increments of 10%, it will only have to pull the battery once every 5-10 min. or so. now if you add up that in one day there's 86400 minutes, then the polling of the battery surely adds up... if it was up to me, i'd rather have a battery driver that displayed only in increments of 20%, but anyways, yeah, the polling does add it.

once i applied the new nueBattery driver, and disabled the 1% increment, my phone has stayed at 50% for over 4 hours now, whereas, in the morning it went down 35% in just 5 hours.

so yes it does make a difference, try it for yourself if you doubt it.

also, defenetly make sure you set your screen brightness to "auto-adjust"

The setting to round the percentage or not doesn't change anything other than just that. It doesn't change how the battery drivers function from neuROM. The factory drivers default to rounding percentages to the nearest 10% and aren't the most accurate or efficient. When you use neuROMs battery driver what you are getting is a driver that is designed to be more precise than the factory one... and he enabled the ability to turn on "Quick Charge" which allows you to charge at 900mA instead of 450mA. He also added the feature to disable this based on temperature readings to protect the battery. The one percent check box in your terms "using the battery's energy to calculate the amount of charge left and display it to you"... if that were the case, then it wouldn't have to do any calculations by rounding to the nearest 10th % but just show actual thus creating less work. Turning that off is a simple regedit that has nothing to do with any "polling". What does poll are things like "face down mute" which will continually check to see the position of the phone to enable or disable mute (enabled by default) which can be turned off and has been proven to help extend battery time. Or like you noted, changing the display brightness which probably has the biggest effect of all on the battery life... at full brightness, 100%, the discharge rate is about 480mA+ as opposed to 40% like a lot of people use which should put you under 80mA (if nothing else is messing thing up) which is 4+ time more efficient.

A thread was started this weekend just to talk about battery life and ENRGZ roms:

Edit: That thread BTW does have a cab that adjust battery polling intervals and timeouts that would acomplish that very thing and you are attempting to do... and you could still have 1% increments showing (keep in mind that if you are "Quick Charging" you might want to take caution to changing those settings because you might not get the temp info back quick enough to disable the higher charge rate and could possibly damage your phone.)

Edit again: Just to confirm here is the key for battery polling (it stays the same no matter if rounding is enabled or disabled)

BTW - some people are setting this to 25000 and getting good result (keep in mind the quick charge warning)

<parm name="PollInterval" value="5000"
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