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Re: |R|6.5.5|ROM|WWE| ★ Energy "Leo" 23542/21892 |Mar 7| ★ Sense 2.5.2012 / MaxManil

Well it sounds like by the looks of things being posted so far, that updating to the newer ROMS may cause as much trouble as benefit. While being specially tweaked for the Sprint Rhodium 400 device which is what I have, I am not seeing where the improvements are. The keyboard still seems to be off by default, the MMS still needs a fix and it sounds like provisioning is still sketchy. So until a ROM comes along with either some really cool UI additions, or a Sprint specific version hits that has everything regarding keyboard, data, MMS, SMS, active sync working right without any hotfix or additional cabs, I think I am going to stick with my 21892 Feb 26th version with the cookie 1.6 installed via cab file. It is all set up and working quite well and I am very geeked with what I have already. But still I am impressed with the work and effort NRGZ28 keeps throwing at updating these ROMS to quickly try to stay on top of things, and I have sent a donation to show a little appreciation.

I think the only thing I don't have working is the MMS and the new ROMs aren't any better. And I really don't know what I should do exactly to fix it at this point. I have seen so many different posts regarding this with so many various solutions, including having to go in and configure settings manually. While others seem to indicate that it works for them without having to do anything. And to be honest, I'm not sure where to start. I know if I take a picture and then attempt to send it via MMS, it tells me that the picture is too big that it can only be 300k. I know there is a cab called Sprint Arcsoft MMS 5mb size cab to increase the size limit. And I also know there is a MMS Fix 2.1 Sprint cab and a MRX Sprint cab but I am just now sure which ones to use or what combination.

Anyway NRGZ28 keep up the great work, and I will support along the way from time to time.=D>
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