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Re: Call and Internet at the same time ???

Originally Posted by japper88 View Post
Impossible while on CDMA. It's a pure tech limitation. Verizon and Sprint both use CDMA which does not let you be online and on a call at the same time. If you really want this only GSM supports it (i.e. AT&T or T-Mobile). The best you can do is be on wifi and on a call at the same time.

In other words, there will NEVER be a fix for Sprint, so it is IMPOSSIBLE. Sorry.
I wouldn't say never - & IMPOSSIBLE is incorrect.

It is actually VERY possible - just depends if sprint wants to upgrade or not. Not sure if this would support existing devices if they even do it which I'm sure they will at some point. Could be a long ways away but it is there.

Originally Posted by prboy1969 View Post
Help !!! So I have a Sprint Touch Pro 2 running the stock Rom WM 6.1 . I want to be able to make a call and surf the internet at th same time . Right ow I can't . I know someone who has an HTC Tilt 2 (TP2) , and he can be on a call and surf the net at the same time . So i know it's not a phone issue , more of a Sprint blocked it issue . Does anyone know how to fix this ?

Yea this would be nice but it's not the end of the world. I would much rather be on a better network then worry about that. I'm sure we will get it someday.
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