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Re: TP2 Not recognized by PCs

Originally Posted by slr916ek9 View Post
hmm..does the pc recognize it?? like if you attach it does a drive installer pops up saying new device?..anyways

go to settings>all settings>connections>usb to pc then youll see some check boxes then the second one says underneath ENABLE FASTER DATA SYNCHRONIZATION (clear this check box if activesynce does not recognize the device) if its checked then uncheck it or if its not checked then check it...that should fix it!

to delete your device go to active synce window under FILE go to delte mobile device disconnect your phone and reconnect it..and go under connection settings on active synce mess with the it...update issue!
nope, no new device is found when connected to the PC.

checked or unchecked still not working

deleted the mobile device in activesync and reconnected and wont connect eventhough USB is available.

even though it charges via usb, the phone and pc are not communicating in any sense.

whatever is supposed to happen during a usb connection so that the pc knows the phone is present, is not happening.
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