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Re: Want touch pro 2? want to disable slide out Qwerty keyboard? YES I DO!!!

Originally Posted by zone23 View Post
Not that I would do this because the moral thread police are lurking, but... what you need is a cab to break the keyboard. So you would flash to stock install the .cab then lock the device. Then hope they don't hard reset the device. Even if they did you could say ya well I just did that and you saw it wasn't working.

Or I got it for the moral police, you could wait and when your devices keyboard finally dies AND YOUR WARRANTY IS UP, YOU WILL BE SCREWED. I BET THE MORAL POLICE WOULD LOVE THAT. Ya just because theirs just happen to go out when the device was still under warranty they should get a new phone and the rest of us should just pray that nothing happens. Nice...
Warranty does not matter in this case. If you look at the OP at howard forums you will see that it is for Warranty or TEP replacements. When I got mine replaced they specifically told me that the phone was out of warranty but THIS DOES NOT MATTER since I have TEP. Bottom line, a failed TP will get replaced by a TP2 eventually, I just don't see the point in lying about it.