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Re: SyncToy mobile?

Originally Posted by zim2323 View Post
I don't want to backup my SD card, I want to copy from my device TO the SD card. I thought I made that clear??? Online or "ActiveSync" solutions don't work because they expect that you'll be transferring the data "offsite".

I already connect the phone as a drive and sync a backup of the SD card to the computer. I already use MyPhone to sync basic docs, pics, etc to a web server. I already use Nuevasync to keep my phone synced with email, contacts, and calendar.

I need EXACTLY what I said I was looking for and as much as I appreciate the time you have taken to post "something", the effort is pointless because in the end, none of you have answered the post as if you even thoroughly read what it was I stated. I doubt you read this post enough to comprehend that I'm stating you aren't giving me the right answer. LOL

If software like this doesn't exist, that's fine, but you don't have to answer if you don't know. It's ok, really. /sarcasm

I use Sashimi to reload the phone after a hard reset and I use the copy root command to put settings/data files that can't be reg'd back into the properly location on the phone during a reload. (i.e. the data file for SPBQuads or Bejeweled). It's one thing to back them up, it's another to have them in a location that I can post back to the phone with no air time or extra effort.
Doesn't PIM Backup support "Custom Files" now? I don't use it but I think it backs up to the internal storage and I remember seeing the latest version has an option to backup Custom files which I assume would allow you to select those setting and data files to back up. Plus it has a schedule that you can set to back up the files automatically.
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