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Exclamation DataPlan Wont Dial/connect

Hello im fairly new at this as well, i have a Sprint HTC touch pro CDMA, correctly unlocked , running latest version of mightyrom. The phone itself works correctly (txting, all phone apps, phone, wireless, beam) its the data plan thats not. I have tbaytel as my provider and know my correct username/password, when inputed into connection settings it still fails to connect.


Can anyone help me out, i do apologize in advance if this has been answered before. I've done alot of searching and cannot find a solution relavent to my phone. Its been 5 days now and my provider wont assist me over the phone or in person. Theyd like to send the phone in to have it re-programmed back to locked stock wm. This defeats the purpose of modding the phone and is why im despretly searching for a solution. This issue is not relavent to non-pay bills , or canceled data connection. I do have a valid connection and my provider is unaware of the modding.
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