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Old 01-02-2009, 10:32 PM
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Exchange Server Settings [Mail2Web - example]

One of the handiest ways to manage the Windows Mobile registry entries is via PROVXML files. These files, when properly formed, can easily be inserted into an installable cab file and added to your SDAUTORUN.TXT file to be run as part of User Configuration.

Handling Exchange Server Settings (Mail2Web).

The PROVXML format for Exchange Server settings when using Mail2Web is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <characteristic type="Sync">
    <characteristic type="Connection">
      <parm name="Server" value="mobile.exchange.mail2web.com" />
      <parm name="AllowSSLOption" value="1" />
<!-- ........... Your UserName in text ........... -->
      <parm name="User" value="UserNameHere" />
      <parm name="Domain" value="ad2" />
<!-- ........... Your Password in text ........... -->
      <parm name="Password" value="PasswordHere" />
      <parm name="SavePassword" value="1" />
    <characteristic type="Settings">
      <parm name="PeakStartTime" value="0800" />
      <parm name="PeakEndTime" value="1800" />
      <parm name="PeakFrequency" value="-1" />
      <parm name="BodyTruncation" value="-1" />
      <characteristic type="PeakDays">
        <parm name="Sun" value="0" />
        <parm name="Mon" value="1" />
        <parm name="Tue" value="1" />
        <parm name="Wed" value="1" />
        <parm name="Thr" value="1" />
        <parm name="Fri" value="1" />
        <parm name="Sat" value="0" />
    <characteristic type="Mail">
      <parm name="Enabled" value="1" />
      <parm name="MailBodyTruncation" value="-1" />
      <parm name="MailFileAttachments" value="-1" />
    <characteristic type="Calendar">
      <parm name="Enabled" value="1" />
    <characteristic type="Contacts">
      <parm name="Enabled" value="1" />
    <characteristic type="Tasks">
      <parm name="Enabled" value="1" />
Update the two entries for UserNameHere and PasswordHere with your personal values.

Save the file as _setup.xml

Insert this into an installable cab file via windows MAKECAB.EXE

C:\>MAKECAB.EXE _setup.xml reg_SetupMail2webAccount.cab

Install the CAB on your PPC an you will have setup your mail2web exchange server account.

Best regards,
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