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Old 04-05-2010, 09:40 PM
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Question CiPhone C6 camera problem.

Hey folks, first post here so be gentle.

Here's my problem:-

If I click Start > Programs > Pictures & Videos I can see "camera" as the first icon in the folder and clicking on it allows the camera to work and I can take pictures.

Okay, so the camera is available, recognised by the OS and functional.


The CiPhone C6 is an iClone which is bundled with a knock-off of the iPhone OS which bugs me for a number of reasons.
CiPhone released a pure WM6.1 rom which I've downloaded and am now using.

Because of the lack of buttons and the need for finger-friendly operation I've tried a variety of shells and the one I've decided to stick with (with some irony) is iPhoneToday (v1.51).

To digress slightly, the C6 has a HVGA screen (480x320) and most of the popular shells don't like working with it (including the copy of SPBShell I bought for my HTC Touch) so don't bother telling me to try a different shell. Been there, done that.

Anyway, iPhoneToday will let me create icons on the Today page and I'd like to create an icon to open the camera directly... which is where the problems start.

As I said, the camera DOES work and I can take pictures with it (via the pictures & videos directory) but the camera.exe file isn't present in the Windows directory so there's no exe file to create a link to.

What brought me here was a google link to a thread about using the ctlpnl command to directly access the settings folder.
Somebody asked if there was a way to access the programs folder in the same way but, rather than answering the question, people simply offered alternative suggestions.

So, that's the same advice I now need.

IS there a way to write a link to directly access the programs\pictures & videos\camera option?

Alternatively, is there a way to look at the code for the camera icon in the pictures & videos folder so I can figure out exactly what DOES enable the camera?

At the moment I've got a link to the pic's & vid's folder on my today screen and from there it's just one more click to enable the camera (so it's not the end of the world if I can't sort this out) but it'd be nice if I could figure out a way to enable it with a single click.

FWIW, the camera CAN be enabled from an icon when running the iPhone-style UI but I'd rather do without the direct access to the camera rather than put up with the limitations of the fake iPhone UI.

One last thing, somebody posted a cab file called "camera2" which I tried installing but that doesn't work with my phone.
Just thought I'd mention that to save anybody suggesting it.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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Old 04-06-2010, 10:41 AM
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Re: CiPhone C6 camera problem.

well it sounds like your filesystem is set up differently than a winmo device or an iphone, both of which I'm very familiar with, as well as Iphone today. The first question is:

can you get into your filesystem from a computer? How does the "sciphone" sync (you can load music right)

do you have to SSH into it like an iphone or does it show up on your windows explorer as a drive like winmo?

point 2: just because your camera shows up in that folder on your UI does not mean it matches the same path in your file system, after all, the UI just shows shortcuts. Your camera might be in some root folder.

For instance on WM the camera is just in the /windows directory while (depending on your ROM) it is in programs or programs/multimedia in the start menu.

3 - if you have a file explorer you use to look at your file system from your phone, that is the easiest way to view the path of your shortcuts. I guess where I am confused is when somehow flashing winmo6.1 on your device, it installs the /windows and thereafter uses the exact same shortcuts we use on our winmo phones?

4 if you have winmo6.1 running, maybe you can flash a 6.5 ROM on there? This would be easier with 6.5 I guarantee it.
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