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Old 05-04-2010, 09:59 AM
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{Xperia X1}Android 2.0.1 Clean/Glossy Version UPDATED may5

Android 2.0.1 Clean \ Glossy Version
Creating a site providing information providing information on porting android to x1
Needing your ideas on it


Even bundled headphones sound great
(as of still i am not able to make botk headphones and wifi workig at the same time so i am uploading two versions . one with wifi working and other with headphones working)
1 Main speaker working audio working.... {thx to xda members especially drlucky}
2 wifi working
3 Astro new version added(no waiting)
4 Headphones working {thanks to vdelf}
5 keyboard mapped
6 Backlight control working(thanks to vdelf again)

What you need to do with it:
1. Extract android 20100430.7z on your computer.
2. Copy all files and directories to the root of your sd-card. Do not create any directory, just copy them to the blank sd-card.
3.On the X1 open the sd-card and run haret.exe. You will get alot text running across the screen.

Q. I have no ringtones
ans: play the ringtone in media player there by pressing left soft key you can apply it as ringtone

Glossy version
Clean version

old verion

wifi working
1. http://rapidshare.com/files/38136134...d20100429w.zip

headphones working

android 20100422.7z
1. www.rapidshare.com/files/378712281/android-20100422.7z.7z
2. www.depositfiles.com/files/zoibdk6ck
3. www.hotfile.com/dl/39192932/af2b706/android-20100422.7z.7z.html

android 20100420.7z
1. www.hotfile.com/dl/38752728/b1078d0/android_20100420.7z.html
2. www.rapidshare.com/files/377786782/android_20100420.7z
3. www.mediafire.com/?tqzwoyerj3d

Android (Xperoid) is allmost at the stage to be stable enough to use day in day out!
Not everything is working, like camera, headphones (or) WiFi, but it doesn't bother me that mutch.
I can call, text and use the internet so i`m fine

The few things i've encountered and tried to solve (most answers came from this topic)

- WiFi
If you want to use WiFi, use the kernel of the previous version (you can't use headphones anymore, but I prefer WiFi above that), also turn on WiFi in Windows Mobile before you hit HaReT.exe
Kernel can be downloaded here:
Originally Posted by sanjayecb View Post
Old Versions of Android (Experoid)
android 20100420.7z
(since I can't post links, klik on the quote)

Turn off GPS in Android (Experoid) else you will get pwnd by the phone, becouse it will freeze in like 5-10 minutes.
Originally Posted by Hardzen View Post
Go to settings > wireless and connections > (some other step, will update in 5 min) > Press "Menu" button > Add APN.
To send messages, go to your Windows Mobile and change some settings (if you want to know how read this topic, it's in here).
EDIT it's even here!
Originally Posted by jimipoh View Post
For those that have problems with SMS sending, I found a solution! The problem is, your SMSC (SMS Centre) is not set correctly for Android. You will need to change your SMSC to the correct number without the "+" sign and your Android will be able to send SMS. I'm using SEX1 as my WinMo OS, you can change your SMSC by going to Comm Manager >> Settings >> Phone >> Services >> Voice Mail and Text Messages and change the "+" sign to "00". I'm on Maxis Malaysia, so mine would read 0060120000015. Once that is done, just run haret.exe and you are good to go.
- GPRS Data Connections
If you want to use your data connections from your operator, you need to fill them in manually.
Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Name Accespoint (I guess it's called like that, I have it in Dutch so I need to translate ) > " Menu Button " > New APN.

Some problems I've ran into that I don't know how to fix:
- Screen never turns off, it just turns black, but it's still on.
- Market fails sometimes, you have internet connection, but market gives you errors

I've encountered more problems but atm I don't remember so they weren't huge fails I guess
I`m not trying to be like "This sucks and that sucks" just trying to help improvement.

I hope I've helped out a bit, btw a tip:
put like a FAQ in the first message, so you don't get 25 posts like "My WiFi aint workin' HELP MEEEH!"

sorry i just copy and pasted it from a reply from falcobredewold

If you like my work and want to leave me a tip with Paypal

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