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Old 09-14-2008, 08:26 PM
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Pocket PC: XV6700 w/ Helmi's WM6.1
Carrier: Verizon
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Wink OEM Original ROM from Verizon website

I have been looking all over for a way to reinstall the original ROM so I could exchange my phone without any problem.

By now, everyone should know your upgrading and downgrading your phone at your own risk.

Here it is. I found it on my carrier's website. It is free to everyone. It is actually considered an "upgrade" but, it isn't. PLEASE NOTE: you must have Activesync 4.5 which is pretty common now.

Before you start to install the ROM, make sure that you soft reset the xv6700. You should not have any extra programs running.

Download and Install
  1. http://support.vzw.com/how_to_use/xv...re_update.html Cut and paste this address to your address bar.
  2. On this page, click on the hyperlink "Download the new software"
  3. Save it to your PC. DO NOT RUN IT. (yet)
  4. Your device should have a good charge.
  5. Connect the xv6700 to your PC using ActiveSync.
  6. Confirm your connection with activesync.
  7. NOW double click on the software file: APA_Verizon_31430_314208_14300_WWE_Ship_2.exe.
  8. Follow the installation wizard. There are 3 stages to this ROM, which will take about 30 minutes to complete.

  9. After completing the upgrade, you should perform a SOFT reset.
  10. Your xv6700 is now back to normal
This completely put the latest Verizon ROM on my phone.
PLEASE REMEMBER, follow the instruction to the "T". (If it doesn't tell you to place your phone on bootloader mode, DONT do it...)
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Old 01-05-2009, 02:32 PM
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Re: OEM Original ROM from Verizon website

is the latest rom needed to return a hurt but modded 6700 to vzn still out there to be had? I've not much to lose at this point so maybe they'll pony up a new something since I've been with them for way too may years now.

the link above is no good anymore.
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Old 01-23-2009, 09:49 PM
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Re: OEM Original ROM from Verizon website

I'm returning my previously WM6.1 "Sprint" PPC-6700 (that's so modded it doesn't even recognize sprint anymore) to this Verizon image because quite frankly I'm sick of WM6.1's quirks, bugs, and oddities. Hopefully this will relieve me of the constant crashes, inability to use the DIAG mode, the first-startup-wont-charge-until-standby bug, the can't-use-planner bug, euh... the list goes way on. And it'll probably run faster too.

The link is broken on Verizon's site, but you can access the same page via the site it gets redireced to (pcdphones.com). The link I came out with was this product downloads page and that linked to an almost identical URL on the Verizon site (which must be the same file), here.

It wouldn't flash onto my phone (country ID error... which I doubt since I'm also in the USA as has the phone always been), so I spliced the NoID RUU onto the package - extract the files, merge the contents of the two folders in the extraction, then add NoID RUU without the RUU.Conf file (keep THAT file from the Verizon package to get the radio and ExtRom updating).

It's still running on my PPC so I can't tell success/failure yet, but it's still ticking away and seems to be working

edit: Yep! Worked like a dream! Wow, it's like a brand new PPC without the bug-dodging and glitchy startup... clean interface, responsive... wow! A downgrade is an upgrade, it seems! LOL

edit: _wow_ this thing floats like a dream with WM5... WM6 seems like a huge mistake now

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