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Old 01-30-2007, 12:37 PM
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MMS for SPrint Q?

THis is from everythingq.com

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Originally Posted by CumulusWI
I have a treo 700wx and there was a registry hack that you could install from Arc Soft to allow you to send pictures like normal Sprint Picture mail from the days of the 700p and 650. This was a handy hack.

I tried to use the same cab file on the Q and no luck. It installs but it doesn't provide the same functionality. Does anyone know of a registry hack to send MMS picture mail?

I am glad I am not the only sprint user on these forums complaining about the same thing... unfortunately I have looked everywhere and have not come accross any apps or hacks what would enable the feature. I did figure out a work around for the mean time... all the techs kept telling me was to email them... but what good is a picture to an email for someone that checks it once a week? what they didnt clarify was that EACH carrier gives you 2 email addresses, a regular email address and the MMS or PM address... so:

Step 1. Set up an email address, for outgoing mail put smtp.sprint.com and check the require authentication box. set it for 15 minutes or to your liking.

Step 2. Find out the carriers from your contacts. (sprint, verizon, t-mobile, etc...)

The hard way Ive been able to figure out only 4 of the major carriers email format, which in miami there is only 5 ... here they go..





Step 3. compose a new email, send it to your contact which has the following format and when is sent, it will either be sent in 15 minutes or press right soft key, send/receive to send it right away... the user will receive it the same way they always have...

remeber, other user can still send you picture the old way...

now 2 questions of my own, if anyone knows the mms email format for MetroPCS please post it... or even better if anyone finds the hack post it..

something to ponder... I gather from Verizon users that they can just simply snap a picture and click send, mms... and it works, even motorola told me the same thing when I called them, yet sprint is denying disabling the feature on the phone and stated that the feature is not supported by the OS, when I told them that Moto and Verizon users see it enabled he said it might have been a modified version of the OS.

I'm still trying to get it to work. Cheers!
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